North Coast Participatory Budgeting – Application deadline: 4th October!

Funding applications should demonstrate ideas that will help improve at least one of the following in the Locality: 

• Local life
• Activities
• Community well-being

An additional £5,000 is available from North Ayrshire Green Health Partnership for bids of up to £1,000. Bids should help improve nature based activities in the area.

The Participatory Budgeting event is on the 3rd November but application close on the 4th October

PB North Coast poster 2

Peel Ports meeting with FCC on the 12th July 2018

As promised, we said we would let you know what was discussed at the Peel Ports meeting last week.  They weren’t expecting us to minute the meeting so we had to get these notes approved by them beefier publishing.  To be honest , we were not censored by them.

If you have any further questions or comments please use our contact page.  Thank you, FCC Members

Peel Port 12th July 2018 notes v1.2

If you want to get involved in working to stop oil rigs being decommissioned so close to our village write to our MSPs, MP and Environment Minsters.  The more individual letters they receive, the more attention they will give the matter.