FCC Minutes 05/12/16

Fairlie Community Council Minutes 05.12.2016 (To be approved 09/01/2017)

  • Present: Rita Holmes, Karla Tully, Ian Hunter, Marco Priva, David Telford, Joan Downie, Callum Corral (press), Alan Hill (NAC Councillor), Tom Marshall (NAC Councillor), PC Dominic Murphy (Community Policing team) and 17 members of the public.
  • Apologies: Kenneth Gibson (MSP)
  • Police update

PC DM. 18 incidents in November 2016 in Fairlie (24 last year). 6 incidents related to an on going neighbour dispute. Most of rest related to A78 traffic lights ; M.O.P reported blue BMW which persistently runs red light. DM to check how followed up.

Traffic Lights: Police still not heard from Transport Scotland re: statistics or possibility of converting to enforcement cameras.

  • SSE Presentation RE: Hunterston Offshore Wind Turbine Facility: Pauline Allinson – Project Liaison Manager (Summary presentation on FCC website)

Key points raised by those present:

  1. Scottish Government (SNP) Policy does not advocate windturbines as principle renewable energy source?

PA responded that funding is received from Scottish Government.

  1. SSE Social finding allocates £50K across three local communities; MOP suggested that app £800K per KW potentially, (£millions generated even though not fully commissioned?), and asked for a more representative contribution of permission granted. PA to look in to.
  2. Light pollution increased. PA stated turbines site does not produce light. Likely to be Hunterston Power Station and Peelport.
  3. Concerns that planning permission should still allow for review of change of use of any part of the site whilst operational , and that a generic or blanket permission is not granted.
  4. On request from TM (NAC), SSE committed to submit planning application after Christmas to allow all interested parties reasonable time to respond.
  5. MOP believes that permission only granted previously as NAC Chair was pro wind power and that locals were always concerned that the 5 years would always be manipulated. PA assured those present that the site was for testing and training only and application was not for a generation site.
  6. Environmental impact and health impacts of infra sound a real concern especially as these are the biggest turbines on land world wide; residents complaining of dizziness. SSE have commissioned a recent independent acoustic survey; results January 2017.
  7. Have SSE considered impact on marine life? Ask for an environmental impact assessment that looks at

whole area – land and sea.

  1. When will full noise survey be made as turbines are not at full capacity? Concerns that SSE are not really taking locals’ concerns seriously.
  • Fatal Accident Inquiry

KG pressing that village can be represented by FCC. Likely that Sheriff will not permit. 9th January 2017 at Kilmarnock Sheriff’s Court.

  • Dawn Homes

       Principle concerns raised:

  1. Temporary school path does not seem to be at route stipulated.
  2. No trees and hedges to be destroyed unless absolutely necessary, yet DH are not demonstrating this         commitment. Tree preservation order (TPO) to be applied for.
  3. School capacity?            NAC are confident they have capacity. AH to discuss with education department.
  4. Conditions in Local Development Plan 2014. Are they being met re: Trust and other funding streams?
  5. Environmental pollution risks; Keppen Burn and drainage risks to roads and beach.

KST to prepare report of all concerns and issues to raose on belf of Fairlie for next meeting. (See draft on FCC website).

AH to arrange a meeting with NAC Planning regarding Dawn Homes and Fairlie Castle concerns in January 2017.

7)               Cunninghame Housing Association : Affordable Housing Application

            CHA stated that they would only put planning application in if local community were in agreement, yet               concerns raised were not recognised by CHA.

FCC to put in objection to application on behalf of community once application submitted. (See FCC             website for full document.)

8)             Village Inn

Separate group to be formed with AH as Chair to look at community options.

9)             Clyde Marine Mammal Project: David Nairn

David presented the scope and purposes of the project which is based in Fairlie and gives locals an opportunity to get involved in the surveying of marine wildlife and the environment.

Highlights from the presentation were:

  • This is a unique marine environment whose diversity has not been well surveyed or documented.
  • Local area has one of the highest porpoise population densities in the world.
  • Recent sightings of minke whales, basking sharks, three species of dolphins. The website has detailed species sighting maps.
  • Special area of conservation from our shoreline.
  • Dolphins and porpoises are European protected animals
  • Opportunity for members of the community to get involved.

This is a great local project we should all at least know about and support.

Contact David on ‘david.nairn@clydemarinemammalproject.org‘ and website http://www.clydemarinemammalproject.org/

            10)             AOB

  1. Island Outside Filling Station : Will it be replaced?   RH to contact NAC Planning and ask

Next meeting: 9th January 2017, 7.30 pm in Semple Centre.

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