FCC Minutes 09/01/17

Fairlie Community Council Minutes 09/01/2017 (Draft)

  • Present: Rita Holmes, Karla Tully, Ian Hunter, Marco Priva, David Telford, Calum Corral (press), PC Derek Cole and PC Graham Miller, and 8 members of the public.
  • Apologies: Joan Downie, Kenneth Gibson (MSP), Alan Hill (NAC Councillor), Tom Marshall (NAC Councillor), PC Dominic Murphy (Community Policing team)
  • Police update

RH thanked DC and GM for attending at short notice. 20 incidents in December 2016 in Fairlie (25 last ; year). 20 queries. 1 theft; 2 breach of the peace; 2 traffic offences.

DM still to feed back on: blue BMW which persistently runs red light. Traffic light monitoring.

  • SSE: Hunterston Offshore Wind Turbine Facility

(Summary of December presentation and issues raised 05/12/2016 on FCC website)

– SSE have not submitted planning application yet. Details will be posted on FCC website once received.

– MOP: Is there an opportunity to have local sustainable energy generation?

  • Fatal Accident Inquiry

Started 9th January 2017 at Kilmarnock Sheriff’s Court.   Disappointed that FCC letter and concerns initially raised regarding volume of Peelport HGV traffic will not be heard.

Clarification of medical history of driver should be given; still no explanation as to why criminal charges against the driver were dropped after several months.

  • Dawn Homes

Largs and Millport paper have published two articles as SEPA have instructed Dawn Homes to make improvements to the SUDS pond and drainage on site to stop red silt spilling in to the burn and bay. Deadline of 23/12/16 not met.

AH to confirm date for FCC representatives to attend meeting with James Miller, Head of NAC Planning to discuss community’s concerns and questions as detailed on FCC website.

Key question – what is ‘phase 2 exactly, and when will the planning application be submitted?

7)            Cunninghame Housing Association Application

NAC not considered application yet. KST to ask TM for date.

8)             Village Inn Update

Next ‘working group’ (Bats About the Pub(BAP)), Monday 16/01/2017, Semple Centre, 19.00.

9)            A78 – Feedback from Transport Scotland

KST took those present through Neil Laing, Transport Scotland, Area Manager South West , e mail on concerns raised regarding ‘traffic light’ trial.

KST to ask Neil Laing to attend separate meeting to discuss detailed data and additional traffic calming options.

10)            Western Link

Cable transfer operation for January 2017 cancelled. No known dates for future transfers.

Meeting 31/01/2017 when FCC will send two members to represent the community.

11)             Hunterston SSG

A Station : RH stated that Unite Union may be taking industrial action.

B Station : Next public meeting including presentation on transportation of radioactive waste, 02/03/2017, Lauriston Hotel, Ardrossan, 13.00.

12)             AOB

  1. Allanton Park Terrace (APT) wall restoration

Local residents asking if any funding would be available as public access their private road. Unlikely as Fairlie has many private roads with public access which have to be maintained privately.

APT residents are forming a group to look at options including completing the work themselves.

  1. Village Wildlife Conservation

Ron Gilchrist asked if local residents would be interested in forming a strategy for the village to be submitted to the NAC for the next Locality Plan.

To be discussed at the next BAP meeting.

  1. Flood Assessment for Village

MOP asked whether SEPA should be asked to complete a comprehensive flood risk assessment of the whole village. To be discussed at BAP meeting.

Next meeting: February 2017, 7.30 pm in Semple Centre.

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