Feedback following Dawn Homes Phase 2 ‘Consultation’ (Draft)

Fairlie Community Council (FCC) Feedback following Dawn Homes Phase 2 ‘Consultation’ (Draft)

The Phase 2 ‘open event’ was held in the Fairlie Village Hall on the 28th November 2016.

Fairlie residents attended the session and fed back the following observations and concerns at the subsequent FCC meeting on the 5th December 2016.
Issues discussed which FCC are seeking further details and remedies for on behalf of Fairlie residents are:

1. SUDS pond and site drainage.
Whilst FCC recognise that the HSE have inspected the pond and stated it as adequate and sufficiently protected by fencing, signage and buoyancy aids, local residents remain concerned.
The flooding that occurred late 2015 and early 2016 caused a real safety hazard to traffic and adversely impacted local businesses.
Residents fed back that:
I. The SUDs pond presents an eye sore.
II. The SUDs pond is a potential magnet to children due to it’s accessibility.
III. Excessive flooding is still occurring below the site on both the A78 and through streets and gardens towards the shoreline.
IV. Red silt and contaminants from the site have been recorded washing in to the sea in front of Allanton Park Terrace (Pier Road). This is a sensitive environmental shoreline and such debris could have a detrimental effect on the seabed flora and fauna, and thus bird-life.
Phase 2 is a much bigger development and residents are concerned that the drainage issues will be even worse and more widespread than already experienced. Due to the width of the site this could potentially result in debris, sludge and water running downhill towards the beach at new locations currently unaffected.
What are Dawn Homes putting in place to prevent the village’s unique environment and shoreline from suffering further detriment?
What provisions have been, or will definitely be, put in place to prevent further A78 flooding, including any collaborative projects (with Transport Scotland and Railways) under discussion.
SEPA have been contacted by residents and FCC re: Keppen Burn pollution and subsequent runoff on to the beach and in to the Clyde. SEPA instructed Dawn Homes that the pollution needed to stop and alterations to the SUDs pond needed to be made by 23/12/2016. FCC are still awaiting an update from SEPA and Dawn Homes as of 06/01/2017 that these actions have been satisfactorily completed.

2. Temporary School path.
A planning condition for Phase 1, of a lit , surfaced path providing access to the school avoiding A78 was to be built ahead of any homes being occupied. This condition has not been met, and a tempoaray path which takes young children past and through a building site has been proposed as an alternative. FCC ask why this condition has not been met, and that Dawn Homes construct the path before homes are occupied.

3. Vehicle Access to A78.
This road is frequently congested at commuting times, and the safety traffic island opposite the Dawn Homes site has recently been removed making it difficult and hazardous to cross the A78
Residents are concerned that traffic management measures are inadequate.
Will traffic lights or similar to be put in place on the A78 near the site junction?
Will Dawn Homes give written assurance that the emergency access route proposed for phase 2 will never be opened for residents’ use, as Glen Road, School Brae and Castle Park Drive do not have the capacity for additional traffic.
FCC contacted Transport Scotland who responded “The design plan includes recommendations for a new right turning lane on the A78 trunk road at the junction with the housing development. The inclusion of a right turning lane is standard design practise with a development of this size, to minimise traffic congestion by removing queuing traffic on the trunk road and also maintaining a level of safety for right turning vehicles.”

4. Ladies’ Walk at the east boundary of the site.
Dawn Homes have assured FCC that closest houses would be 15 to 17 metres from the site boundary, which is at least 2 metres in front of the raised path wall.
Again, will Dawn Homes and NAC given absolute assurances that these trees and the path will be protected from new residents being able to successfully request any tree felling on Ladies Walk once they have moved in.
A Tree Preservation Order application has now been applied for on behalf of the Community, and NAC Planning Department have acknowledged the concerns and contacted Dawn Homes.

5. Lack of Affordable Housing.
Residents question why such a large housing development, which constitutes approximately a 25% increase of homes in the village, does not include any affordable homes as the per the NAC Development Plan?
FCC have included this in the objection to the Cunninghame Housing Application (adjacent to Bowling Club).

6. Management of a construction site whilst occupied.
Residents believe that all construction and associated activity has to be completed without public access.
We therefore require a full explanation as to how Dawn Homes intend to manage phase 2 whilst phase 1 is already occupied, and indeed whether homes will be occupied whilst hazardous building is still taking place in their vicinity.

7. Further environmental issues.
Residents are disappointed that:
I. The house designs are not fitting for a village rural setting, and will make this area of the village look like any other ‘commuter belt’ urban housing development.
II. There is a clear lack of any eco-energy efficient or indeed energy generation measures in the house designs.
What environmental issues, other than those stipulated by law, did Dawn Homes consider when designing this housing development? Surely new homes at these prices should be energy neutral?
III. Destruction of trees and eye sore soil mounds on later phase areas?

8. Lack of village Infrastructure
Fairlie village already lacks sufficient infrastructure, such as primary school capacity, a village shop, pub and post office.
There is a play park in place, alongside tired tennis courts in the centre of village. Both need updating.
Residents question why a new play area in close proximity to the current provision is necessary, and would like Dawn Homes to consider contributing to current village amenities.
Are Dawn Homes prepared to assist local residents in Establishing local businesses to meet the community’s needs?

9. Pedestrian access to south of Fairlie
The original planning conditions required access at the south end of the site to enable residents to walk to the railway station. This is bot clear on the plans presented on the 28th December 2016, so FCC request more detailed drawings to demonstrate that this Has been sufficiently planned for.

10. Phase 2 drawings detail.
Green areas are shown on the drawings, yet there is no explanation as to how these green areas are to be used or maintained.
Please provide this detail.

11. NAC Local Development Plan (May 2014) Conditions
FCC remain concerned that these conditions are met before building of phase 2 commences, and that there is clear transparency on :
“4. The developer can demonstrate that sufficient financial assistance is not available from any other source;
5. The extent of any new build while restricted to the minimum necessary to facilitate the restoration of Kelburn Castle and the appropriate enhancement of Kelburn Country Centre occupies the whole site with any additional funds arising being channelled to a maintenance trust;
6. Open book accounting on both land and development sales which would allow for a reasonable developer’s profit only (indicatively 12% as advised by Historic Scotland) with all other proceeds being channelled to the development to be enabled;
9.Evidence of a trust or other legal arrangement ensuring that all monies from the development will be used for the restoration and subsequent maintenance of Kelburn Castle and improvements to the Country Centre and for no other purpose. “
FCC are aware that a Trust has been set up and despite requests for an update from the NAC Councillor (Alec Gallagher) on the Trust thus has not bee forthcoming. David Boyle , Earl of Galsgow also seems to be a Trust member; surely all Trustees should be independent?
10. Details of ‘Phasing’ applications
Key question – what is ‘phase 2 exactly, and when will planning application be submitted?
Updated 06.01.2017 KST

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