FCC Minutes 04/09/2017

Fairlie Community Council Minutes 04/09/2017 – Draft

  • Present: Rita Holmes, Karla Tully, David Telford, David Nairn,Ian Hunter, Tom Marshall (NAC Councillor) Calum Corral (press), PC Dominic Murphy, and 8 members of the public.
  • Apologies: Marco Piva, Joan Downie, Alan Hill (NAC Councillor), Ian Murdoch (NAC Councillor)
  • Last meeting’s minutes: Proposed RH; 2nd DT
  • Police update

1 reported crime; theft of wheelie bin from The Causeway.

Incidents -22; one domestic issue; rest traffic issues reported several times.

TM asked for details of 101and 999 calls in future which DM agreed to look in to providing.

5) NAC Councillors’ Update

Tom Marshall; Confirmed that Planning Committee ‘opinion’ on SSE Wind turbines extension application was to decline application. As SSE have already appealed, this decision was submitted to the Reporter as part of appeal consideration based on LDP and planning restrictoions.

RDK’s appeal for housing on site at the north of Bowling Green turned down on LDP conditions alone.

Dawn Homes, Phase 2/3 will be considered 20th September 17. TM has arranged for Planning Committee to visit site without any interested parties 14th September 17.

Ian Murdoch, Independent Councillor: IM emailed information before meeting to state that chased Transport Scotland who have traffic island planned but location tbc.

Alan Hill, sent apologies email re: 1.Gala- a great success at community garden and hopefully there again next year. Meeting this week to make arrangements for bonfire night. 2. Turbines – delighted with outs and delighted that it was unanimous. Great work done by cc in achieving this result. 3. Dawn – about to lodge own objections and encouraging residents affected to attend 20th September meeting.

6) NOWTFF (SSE Wind Turbines)

RH stated how pleased FCC members and concerned Fairlie residents are that Planning Committee had rejected the application in ‘opinion’, but that the Reporter will not speak to any interested parties on the 28th September when they visit site. RH has submitted locations for the Reporter to visit and a statement from FCC.

The FCC submission to the Reporter has not been published on the website due to the ‘sensitivity’ of some of the documents; 55 supporting documents, some of which are personal statements. RH has written on behalf of FCC to request that the main submission is published, and that personal details are redacted.

DT raised concerns that NAC had not submitted any statement regarding potential health risks in their ‘opinion’, but understood why due to the risks of litigation. TM responded that it was for Ministers to satisfy themselves that the turbines ‘do not impact residents’ health’.

Concerns were raised that the Scottish Government have just overturned 11 of 17 local decisions to refuse wind farms in the last few years.

7) Hunterston Power Station A – Cladding Colour

RH reported that she has submitted FCC’s view that the cladding should be ‘battleship grey;’ to NAC Planning. Magnox already have planning permission but are prepared to take local opinions in to consideration.

8) A78

Transport Scotland not responded since July to e mails. KST chased by e mail. Concerns raised that traffic lights have not slowed down traffic and that Dawn Homes development could make traffic congestion a concern at specific times.

Action: KST to press NL for Transport Scotland to attend October meeting, and write with specific concerns. (Completed 04/09/2017.)

9) Dawn Homes Phase 2/3 planning application

KST talked through NAC’s responses to FCC’s objections based on the public meeting of the 17th July 2017. Full details to be posted on FCC website.

Concerns were raised that NAC have not held Dawn Homes to account on any Phase One conditions not met: path to school, children’s play area, affordable homes, temporary SUDs pond, RES3 financial transparency and conditions.

Action: KST to write to Planning Committee, Ross Middleton and 4 local councillors, stating FCC’s view that Phase2/3 Planning permission should not be considered until Phase one conditions have been fulfilled.

TM invited local Allanton Park Terrace and/or Castlepark residents to attend 20th September Planning Committee.

Actions: FCC members to contact residents concerned.

10) Consultation on additional sites – Local Development Plan 2

KST reminded all that final consultation closes 08/09/2017.

11) Hunterston PARC

Ron Gilchrist, local environmentalist informed all present that he has met with Peelports alongside Millport CC regarding potential community solar farm on site, providing up to 5MW power to the site itself. Cost £4m. RG may have secured grant for feasibility study. Early days; looking for financial backing but great to see Peelport listening to local residents. RG has asked MSP and MP for support but told up to owners.

David Nairn has contacted Biodiversity Officer re clean up for SSSI and will update at meetings on progress.


  1. Planning Manager Presentation

Jim Miller, Planning Manager has offered to do a presentation on how Planning works.

Action:  RH to liaise on a suitable date.

Next Meeting: Monday 2nd October 2017, Semple Centre at 7.30 pm.

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