FCC Minutes 06/06/2017

Fairlie Community Council (FCC) Minutes 05/06/2017

Present: Rita Holmes (chairperson), Marco Piva (minute taker), Ian Hunter, David Telford of FCC; Cllrs. Alan Hill and Ian Murdoch of NAC; PC Dominic Murphy (Police); Calum Corral (press); 10 members of the public. Apologies: Karla Tully, Joan Downie (FCC); Kenneth Gibson MSP; Cllrs. Alec Gallagher and Tom Marshall (NAC).

Minutes of 08/05/2017 proposed by DT, seconded by IH.

1      Police report

– 27 incidents reported in May, 10 of which related to road traffic – none of those inside the village. This includes 3 reports of animals on the road. 3 crimes all related to the Kelburn Festival: 2 breaches of the peace, 1 assault
– questions re. traffic light and traffic island to be referred to Transport Scotland

2      Chairperson’s update

– Merchant Navy to organise a “Fly the Red Ensign Day” (Sept 3rd). Fairlie to organise a flag hoisting event. DT to contact bowling club and Fairlie Quay

3      NAC Councillors and MSP update

– NAC: no updates
– No MSP present

4            Hunterston SSG update

– June 1st SSG was cancelled due to elections and a planned emergency exercise
– Next meeting Sept 7th, Seamill Hydro, 1:30pm; possible meeting in Aug for changes to membership/constitution

5            NOWTTF update

– Planning committee (new chair: Cllr. Tom Marshall) to meet Wed June 14th to discuss appl. for extension
– 5 groups applied to address committee as objectors, incl. Mr. Ronald Gilchrist and Dr. Yelland (or Melvin Grosvenor). Total time available, 10 min [although AH thinks they will be granted more time if they ask for it]
– Background noise checks to commence on Tue June 13th
– 28-page report by Prof. Alun Evans uploaded on NAC Planning website
– DT: Mr. Gilchrist’s complaint letter hasn’t been logged on NAC planning website yet. This is unacceptable; letters will also be collected separately for clarity
– NHS Ayrsh. & Arran has been asked for a submission, none has been filed yet
– AH: be aware that a decision against the extension will undoubtedly be appealed against; the grounds for refusal must be clear and grounded. Offer a clear and detailed documented (not longer than a page of text) to be minuted at the committee meeting. The appeal will focus only on the official reasons for refusal
– AH: if decision is delayed (background noise report won’t be ready until late June), the earliest one will be taken is Aug
– IM: on document to present to committee, also focus on lack of job creation as was instead declared initially and on the fact that the initial agreement was for 5 years and 5 years only
– David Nairn: suggestion to also mention problems suffered by wildlife

6            Fairlie Castle update

– FCC wrote the Scot. Minister re. community dissatisfaction with how the issue was handled
– David McNeur: excavation should be stopped until scheduled monument consent is gained, they seem to be ongoing
– AH to find more details from NAC Planning

7            A78 (traffic island and “experimental” traffic light)

– no updates; KT to get in touch with Transport Scotland

8      Southannan Housing update

– DT: application for 8 new houses; FCC objected (terms of original sale mentioned no further housing, and the area is surrounded by community woodland)
– AH: on local planning the area is amber, but the wooded area is red

9      Hunterston

– no application for decommissioning of oil rigs filed, only a screening opinion asking if full environmental impact assessment is necessary; Marine Scotland involved

10      Dawn Homes

– AH: there is a draft for building of new houses, but no application. Probably won’t be filed very soon

11   FCC Finance

– printing of leaflets and posters for public meeting re NOWTFF: £60
– DT: would it be possible to apply for funding from NAC to pay for experts and consultants re. NOWTFF?
– RH: fundrising probably more effective. Consultants’ expenses until now paid by RH off her own pocket
– IH: RH and KT to be added as signatories for FCC bank account (replacing Steve Graham). No objections from FCC

12      New Computer and Printer

– funding received from Magnox; KT to make the purchase

13      FCC Membership

– Sarah Bowden working in London; David Nairn volunteered to take her place; no objections, David Nairn joins FCC

14      AOB

a: Shore Path
– John Riddle: stretch between Ferry Row and Bay Str. awaiting consent from Marine Scotland; NAC or ACOM should have advertised application for licence on paper. AH to find out if application has been filed
– the money has a timescale; AH to find out when expiration date is

b: Pavements
– low-hanging tree branches preventing circulation on East side Main Str pavements: Glen Rd to Causeway and past School Brae
– suggestion to hand out a leaflet asking residents to take care of trees in private gardens
– IM to find out who is in charge of trees growing in public areas (possibly Transerv)

Next meeting, 03/07/2017, 7.30 pm at the Semple Centre, Main Str.

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