FCC Minutes 07/08/2017

Fairlie Community Council Minutes 07/08/2017

  • Present: Rita Holmes, Karla Tully, Marco Piva, David Telford, David Nairn, Ian Murdoch (NAC Councillor), Calum Corral (press), PC Dominic Murphy, John Riddell (Fairlie Community Trust), and 11 members of the public.
  • Apologies: Joan Downie, Ian Hunter, Tom Marshall (NAC Councillor).
  • Last meeting’s minutes: Proposed RH; 2nd DT
  • Police update

2 crimes; theft of garden tools in Community Gardens and theft from garden shed Kelburn Avenue. Believed to be same opportunist thief travelling though the village.

Incidents -16; one burnt out vehicle at base of Moor Rd stolen from Kilbirnie. Rest of no note.

Dawn Home traffic island: DM raised concern via Sgt with Transport Scotland.

5) NAC Councillors’ Update

Ian Murdoch, Independent Councillor: IM stated that A78 culvert project on NAC agenda but no clear time-scale. IM to follow up issues re: A78 safety near Dawn Homes including requests for temporary traffic lights.

6) NOWTFF (SSE Wind Turbines)

SSE have now appealed to the Scottish Government due to the time lapse in NAC making a decision. NAC binging planning meeting forward to 23rd August which means the ‘noise survey,’ will not be complete and the expert witnesses may not be available. Submissions and comments to the reporter, Colin Bell, DPEA by 17th August 2017.

RH reported that response from Colin Ramsey, NHS included some recognition that infra-sound can be a risk to health.


RH to prepare FCC response to the appeal. All to encourage submissions to the Reporter.

7) Hunterston/Peelport Site

The future of this site is very unclear. The site is being advertised by JLL Property Marketing for potential users, all with the full support of the Scottish Government as part of its PARC strategy as follows:

“Peel Ports Group is developing Hunterston PARC to support the Scottish Government’s ‘Circular Economy’ strategy, with the co-location of material management, asset decommissioning and recycling, pre-fabrication and manufacturing, data storage, and power generation all on a single site alongside industrial research activities.
The site is expected to attract significant interest from the energy sector, with infrastructure suited for power generation, storage and exportation. Hunterston PARC is equipped to handle and process chemicals including liquefied natural gas which is increasingly powering Scottish industry and transport.”

Ron Gilchrist , MOP and known environmentalist raised concerns that this strategy could result in polluting activities from new lease holders and local residents need to be aware of the risks of industrial operations adversely polluting the village with noise and contaminants. The site should be returned to it’ original environmental state once it is decommissioned but the recent advertisement suggest Peelport have long term development plans, not that it is for sale as a whole, as believed by RG. Possible uses could be dismantling of oil rigs or similar vessels. RG asked if alternative proposals could be put forward.

KST asked what local MSP and MPs’ views are.

(Kenneth Gibson’s website has a statement on it supporting the principles of the strategy :

The deep water port energy connections and the extent of the land available are obvious attractions. Any potential development should be looked at in detail, taking into account the local economy, employment opportunities as well as the impact on the environment and local communities.*A circular economy is an alternative to a traditional linear economy (make, use, dispose) in which we keep resources in use for as long as possible, extract the maximum value from them whilst in use, then recover and regenerate products and materials at the end of each service life)

Actions: Monitor planning applications for activities on Hunterston site. Look for alternative opportunities using clean energy e.g. solar plant. Possible meeting with Kenneth and/or Patricia Gibson once planning applications known.

8) A78

KST read out response received from Neil Lang, Transport Scotland Regional Manager.

Traffic lights – statistics show that average speeds have now reduced to those before speed activation of the traffic lights since adjusting camera sensors. This is not a desirable response. No similar schemes have been implemented in Scotland.

NL also acknowledges that the average speed between Jetty Rd and the Causeway lights have increased slightly, as have the speeds on the south gateway. The speeds at the north gateway have decreased extremities of the village.

NL looking in to traffic island removal and safety measures at Dawn Homes site

Action: KST to press NL for Transport Scotland to attend September or October meeting.

9) Hunterston Power Station A – Cladding Colour

Local consultation on preferred colour of decommissioned building. 17/00740/PP | Proposed replacement weather envelope cladding to reactor buildings and associated works (revised design to cladding approved under planning permission ref. N/01/00286/PP)

SSG not asked at recent meeting.

After discussion those present agreed to be as unobtrusive as possible the building cladding should be similar to ‘Hunterston B’.

Action: RH to feedback recommendations.

10) Dawn Homes Phase 2/3 planning application

KST talked through FCC’s detailed response to the above application based on all issues raised at the public meeting of the 17th July 2017. This response is posted on the FCC website and has been circulated to all who left an e mail on the 17th July 2017.

As Dawn Homes have already been given planning permission in principle the best outcome is ensuring that NAC listen to the real concerns and the negative impact to the village is minimised.


  1. Public Toilets

KST still awaiting response from NAC re: potential funding options. Option to apply for Lottery Funding. Zoe McLean asking for volunteers to help with this. Cleaning and maintenance would have to be carried out by village residents.

IM raised similar concerns that NAC ‘public toilets’ are not sufficiently cleaned and managed and is raising with NAC.

  1. Planning Application for 8 house at Southannan Estate

Planning permission has been granted by NAC Officers, despite land not being identified correctly in Local Development Plan.   DT raised issue of NAC selling land at low price as initial conditions precluded further housing development.

  1. Closure of Children’s Play Park, Pier Road

DN raised concern that children now playing near railway line as a result of the closure.

Next Meeting: Monday 4th September 2017

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