Public Meeting – Dawn Homes Development Issues 17/07/17

Environment Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) pollution on going and must stop
Keppenburn pollution must cease
Carbon footprint ; is the development really necessary?
Destruction of agricultural land
Village environment Lack of spaces for cars (2 per home on average)
Too many houses in tight space
Well used community space lost
Loss of light in adjacent Castlepark Drive gardens
Right of way at back of houses into the field lost without assessment
Increase risk of damp and flooding in Castlepark adjacent gardens
Loss of privacy in adjacent houses
Increased risk of flooding of site and all roads/houses to West of site
Lady’s Walk Bat habitat; not assessed
Risk to trees
Loss of easy access to Lady’s walk
Proximity of houses to Lady’s Walk increasing putting risk to trees and subsidence
Will Tree Preservation Order (TPO) really protect the trees?
Safety Lack of emergency access
Road safety on estate itself as so compact
Flooding Risk 29 and 39 Castlepark Drive already have flooding problems (NAC aware)
12 Castlepark Drive ; watercourse already runs through garden causing flooding on occasion
Culvert is insufficient
Surface water already runs in to gardens and side roads between site and beach
Community Needs School places ; not enough capacity
Lack of leisure facilities
No children’s playing areas in plans
Congestion of minor roads
Protect Glen Road from more vehicles as cannot cope with two way traffic
Lack of trust in NAC No demonstration of challenging Dawn Homes up to none
Previous lack of due diligence Allowing missing details to be filled in after permission given
re: phase one planning conditions Loss of flats in phase One
No trust in just one entrance/exit
Breach of condition: 3 houses in ‘buffer’ area near Fairlie Castle
Scepticism that plans will be changed and not challenged by NAC planning
Phase One promises broken Path to school from north end
SUDs pond should be temporary
Loss of 36 flats/affordable homes
Culvert incapable of dealing with current drainage needs; this should have been rectified before construction started
Pollution to Keppenburn not managed
Pollution to beach near Keppenburn Terrace
A78 Only one entrance to estate ; will junction cope?
Increased risk of flooding; culvert incapable of coping now
Loss of safety crossing
Increase of A78 congestion at commuting times
Risk to Utilities Electricity cables buried on the field; is this understood?
Pylons overshadowing houses?
Risk to gas and water pressure supplies as already unreliable
Will current sewage works really cope?
Historical Site Rare archaeological site; ruins of chapel and stone circle remains will be lost
Lady’s Walk; unique historical site lost
Infrastructure Primary School capacity
Lack of doctors and dentist; Largs surgeries hard to access already
Congestion on road to Largs past Hailie Brae
Lack of village amenities; this will lead to increased traffic
Lack of regular public transport
Actions requested of NAC Proper drainage survey
Independent assessment of flood risks
Assessment of utilities infrastructure
Emergency services assessment
Historic Scotland /archaeological assessment
Transparency of funding to Kelburn Castle
Wildlife survey
Reinstatement of affordable housing
Completion of Phase One BEFORE phase two even applied for.
Hold Dawn Homes financially accountable to damage /detriment caused to surrounding homes

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