If you would like your say about our marine environment please attend this event on the 27th January in Ardrossan

You are invited to a free public event hosted by the Clyde Marine Planning Partnership (CMPP), who are responsible for developing the Clyde Regional Marine Plan, which is due in 2020 .

The CMPP have stated that from these workshops:

  • That public input will be captured by the team and will be used to finalise the Layman’s guide to the Clyde Marine Region Assessment before publishing it.
  • Public comments relating to marine policy will also be captured and brought into the marine plan development process for consideration by the CMPP.

We very much hope that you can attend. Although the events are free, the CMPP ask that you book in advance; Online registration details, or by phone, further information regarding the events are provided below.


Event Details and Attached Flier from the CMPP

The seas of the Clyde Marine Region are varied and complex, and are used for a huge range of activities from industry to recreation. They are also home to a rich diversity of species and habitats, which have undergone many changes over time.

We would like to invite you to a “Workshop on the condition of seabed habitats, fish and shellfish in the Clyde”

Sat 27th January, 12:30 hrs to 15.00 hrs, Lauriston Hotel, Ardrossan, Ayrshire.

Free online registration is now open at:


Or call the CMPP to register via phone: 0131 314 6782

A presentation will be given on the findings of the ‘Clyde Marine Region Assessment’, which describes the current condition of the Clyde, changes over time, and the sensitivities and pressures faced by its diverse marine life.

The focus will be on:

  • Seabed habitats, including seagrass 
  • Shellfish
  • Marine policy: with an open discussion on future marine planning policy 

Two short video animations will also be shown to illustrate the process of the ‘Assessment’, and the ‘condition of seabed habitats, fish and shellfish in the Clyde’. A guide has also been drafted for the public to describe the topics above, and will be shown at the workshop.

The discussions are meant to be led by a team from Inmara Ltd (http://inmara.co), with input from members of the Clyde Marine Planning Partnership.

Clyde workshops invitation

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