One Reply to “FCC Agenda 03/07/18”

  1. Hi Montgomerie,
    Thank you for your message. Apologies it has taken so long to respond. WE get a huge number of spam messages which it takes ages to sift through.
    NAC Planning are a constant frustration for us and we continue to question decisions we do not believe make sense!

    WE are about to challenge how they have managed the planning permissions for Fairlie Castle too.

    On the 8th August Marine Scotland are holding a public consulatatio event on the Village Hall , 2 pm to 7 pm. We will be delivering leaflets to every door in Fairlie in ghe hope that they will understand the strength of feeling and risks to the marine environment if they give Peelports permisssion. Hope you can make it. If not we will keep people updated. If you have any comments or questions please e mail me via this web site.

    Thanks for your encouragement. Karla Tully, FCC Secretary

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