A78 Pedestrian Crossing

“Following the work done in 2018 when we did a survey of village to see if there was a need for a second pedestrian crossing on the A78 and we have finally got the go ahead.

The proposal is detailed in the consultation letter documents , and we are asking for views and opinions in a final consultation period which closes on the 29th January 2021.

If you have anything you would like us to put forward, please use the ‘Contact Us’ section of this website.

Many thanks,
Karla Tully


A78 South of 101 Main Road, Fairlie ā€“ Proposed Pedestrian Crossing.

Following requests from the community, Amey, the operating company for the South West Trunk Road Network, are pleased to inform you that we are looking to install a new signal-controlled pedestrian crossing facility in Fairlie. The proposed location is slightly north the pedestrian guard rail where the existing footpath to and from Fairlie Primary School meets the eastern footway of the A78 (Main Street).

The new crossing facility will provide opportunities for all pedestrians to cross the A78 to access local amenities and transport links with a greater degree of safety.

Amey are contacting you at this time to gather any comments you may have on the proposed installation.

For your information we have carried out extensive surveys of both the traffic and pedestrian movements and considered the constraints of the current unique road layout that exists in Fairlie at this location. This relates particularly to the narrowness of the footways, the close proximity of residential properties and the substantial stone walls that border the A78 to the rear of eastern footway.

This information enabled us to locate the crossing at a position that best suits the needs of the community based upon the pedestrian movements identified. The proposed location also considers the buildability of the facility and to meet with current government guidance that requires inclusive design in the construction, operation and maintenance of road infrastructure.

Inclusive design is an approach which aims to create environments which can be used by everyone regardless of age or disability.

A location plan is attached for your reference.

A78 ā€“ Fairlie – Proposed Location of Pedestrian Crossing.

A78 location plan
location plan of the proposed A78 pedestrian crossing

A78 street view of pedestrian crossing