Police Report 01/03/21 – 05/04/21

North Ayrshire Sub Division North Coast and Cumbrae Locality


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Fairlie Community Report Community Council Email – Dates from; 01/03/21 – 05/04/21 UPDATE FROM LOCALITY POLICING TEAM – REPORT PRESENTED BY: PC H Coyle Current Meeting Figures: Number of incidents in total – 32 Number of Crimes identified – 3 Comparative Figures from previous year: Number of incidents in total – 25 Number of Crimes identified – 2 During the period of time from 1st March 2021 to 5th April 2021 for Fairlie there were 32 incidents reported to the police which resulted in 3 crimes being identified and crime reports being raised and investigated. Please find below a brief synopsis of all these incidents. Comparative year to date figures are also included. Local Community figures were forwarded to Rita Holmes on 05/04/21 by PC Dominic Murphy Receipt of this report was/was not acknowledged. Agreed date of next meeting – **PLEASE INCLUDE THE POLICE IN THE MEETING MINUTES, THANKS** NOT PROTECTIVELY MARKEDOFFICIAL YOUR LOCALITY POLICING TEAM LOCALITY POLICING OFFICERS (officers work mobile numbers are only contactable during on duty hours) PS Donald Fisher Work Mobile – 07815008073 PC Dominic Murphy -07815006603 PC Simon Winsor – 07815008663 PC Thomas Arthur – 07815006808 PC Ross Pollard – Campus PC Euan Graham (Town Centre) – 07815006679 PC Len McDonald (Town Centre) PC Joy Hamilton (Millport) – 07815008818 PC Deborah Beattie (Millport) – 07815008822 LOCALITY POLICING GROUP EMAIL INBOX (THIS IS NOT MONITORED DAILY) Please email the group inbox with any local community concerns AyrshireLPSTNorthCoastandCum brae@scotland.pnn.police.uk Please ensure all matters are reported to Police via 101 or 999 in an emergency and that all reporting is done so through the appropriate channels to ensure the appropriate and timely response is received. **Please be aware all officers work a variety of shifts so may not always be available at the time of your contact. We will respond upon our return to duty. Officers will only have access to their work emails and work mobiles during whilst they are on duty** Local Figures Assault & Violent Crime Serious Assaults Nil Robberies Nil Assaults NOT PROTECTIVELY MARKEDOFFICIAL Nil Drug Use & Drug Dealing Synopsis – 1 adult male was reported to the Procurator Fiscal for possession of drug offence following high visibility patrols by locality policing officers. Police will continue to actively target drug use and drug dealing and would encourage any members of the public to report concerns either via 101 or Crimestoppers online or via phone on 0800555111 Anti-Social Behaviour Vandalism * Nil Breach of the Peace Nil Theft and Housebreaking Theft (Including car crime and theft OLP) Nil Housebreaking Nil Shoplifting Other Crimes of Note: (Please include anything of note relevant to Community Council) NOT PROTECTIVELY MARKEDOFFICIAL Breach of Bail Nil Communications Offences Nil Fraud 1 report of a fraud perpetrated via telephone was reported to police and enquiries into this are ongoing. Road Traffic 1 adult male was reported to the Procurator Fiscal following a road traffic collision near to Hunterston Roundabout. ACTION PLANS No specific actions plans have been carried out this month however police continue to carry out high visibility patrols in the area and the Scottish safety camera partnership vehicle has visited the village on a number of occasions. OTHER MATTERS OF NOTE MATTERS ARISING FROM LAST MEETING Point 1 (Raised by Name of person) Result: (please state whether resolved or ongoing) Point 2 (Raised by) Result: Point 3 (Raised by ) Result: Point 4 (Raised by) Result: NOT PROTECTIVELY MARKEDOFFICIAL