North Coast Participatory Budgeting – Application deadline: 4th October!

Funding applications should demonstrate ideas that will help improve at least one of the following in the Locality: 

• Local life
• Activities
• Community well-being

An additional £5,000 is available from North Ayrshire Green Health Partnership for bids of up to £1,000. Bids should help improve nature based activities in the area.

The Participatory Budgeting event is on the 3rd November but application close on the 4th October

PB North Coast poster 2

Environmental Review for Peelports impacts on Southannan SSSI

Attached is the Peelports consultants ‘EnviroCentre Ltd’ review of presumed environmental impacts from the Hunterston Construction Yard developments. The dredging  has the potential to wipe out the middle part of the SSSI and cannot believe that may be thinking about dumping around 3-400,000 tonnes of dredged material onto a protected SSSI site.  I find it incredulous that regulatory and statutory environmental bodies have read this report then given advice that no Environmental Impact Assessment is necessary! (Please note that this is not an independent review and was financed by Peelports)

Enviro Centre Ltd  Environmental report on Peelports development impacts to the Southannan SSSI and surrounding communities.

enviro report

Clyde Marine Planning Partnership – Hunterston Minutes

We have included extracts of agreed minutes from the Clyde Marine Planning Partnership Board Meetings. Only material that references the Hunterston proposals have been included. Full ‘agreed minutes’ can be found on the Clyde Marine Planning Partnership website. 

30th Jan 2018

10th Oct 2017

27th June 2017

22nd Marc h 2017

5th October 2016

7th June 2016



Comment on Peelports Pre-Consultation for Jetty Construction by 8th March 2018

Peelports held a statutory Marine Scotland Pre-Consultation event at Seamill Hydro on the 22nd February 2018. The public notice indicates that the  developments at the Hunterston Platform Yard and this Consultation concerned construction of a jetty and ‘alterations’ to the abutments.

  • Representatives from Peelports, Arch Henderson LLP and EnviroCentre Ltd were present but were difficult to identify and was left to the public to try and ascertain who was responsible for different aspect of the proposed development. It was impossible to engage in coherent communication and ascertain any facts  as continually directed to different representatives. 
  • People from Isle of Bute and the Cumbraes have expressed concern that due to travel and ferry constraints that it was impracticable for them to attend the event. 
  • Before the event we emailed Arch Henderson LLP for further information and to express some concerns as instructed in the Public Notice. We were told that these concerns would be addressed at the Pre-Consultation event. This did not happen. 
  • The only information on display consisted of the HUNTERSTON PARC flyer for Jetty Expansion (below) and a plan of the Construction Yard. There is limited information contained in this flyer. The only ‘useful’ information is a photograph of the proposed Pier/Dock development location. There was no information on the dock construction or construction of the abutments or caisson gates. 
  • There was no information of the environmental sensitivities or impacts from this development to the Southannan SSSI.
  • There was no information on how the wider proposal of oil rig decommissioning will effect the Clyde sea area.
  • There was no information or social economic appraisal and how this development will effect the tourist offering of the North Coast. 
  • The only environmental data that was present was an ‘illegal copy’ of Clyde Porpoise CIC sightings. A poster was  presented to mislead the public and give impression that EnviroCentre Ltd Consultants were working with the marine mammal project. The director of Clyde Porpoise CIC confiscated the poster (below).
non-consented use of marine mammal sightings data by Enviro Centre Ltd during Peelports statutory Marine Scotland pre-consultation.

Fairlie Community Council are meeting to discuss the pre-consultation event on Monday 5th March 2018. Please note that comments about the proposal and general comments about the event must be submitted by the 8th March 2018 to Arch Henderson LLP and/or Marine Scotland.

Contact Details:

Lara Ferreiro at Arch Henderson LLP
Peter Miller at Marine Scotland Licensing
Kathy Dale at Enviro Centre Ltd