FCC Minutes 04/09/2017

Fairlie Community Council Minutes 04/09/2017 – Draft

  • Present: Rita Holmes, Karla Tully, David Telford, David Nairn,Ian Hunter, Tom Marshall (NAC Councillor) Calum Corral (press), PC Dominic Murphy, and 8 members of the public.
  • Apologies: Marco Piva, Joan Downie, Alan Hill (NAC Councillor), Ian Murdoch (NAC Councillor)
  • Last meeting’s minutes: Proposed RH; 2nd DT
  • Police update

1 reported crime; theft of wheelie bin from The Causeway.

Incidents -22; one domestic issue; rest traffic issues reported several times.

TM asked for details of 101and 999 calls in future which DM agreed to look in to providing.

5) NAC Councillors’ Update

Tom Marshall; Confirmed that Planning Committee ‘opinion’ on SSE Wind turbines extension application was to decline application. As SSE have already appealed, this decision was submitted to the Reporter as part of appeal consideration based on LDP and planning restrictoions.

RDK’s appeal for housing on site at the north of Bowling Green turned down on LDP conditions alone.

Dawn Homes, Phase 2/3 will be considered 20th September 17. TM has arranged for Planning Committee to visit site without any interested parties 14th September 17.

Ian Murdoch, Independent Councillor: IM emailed information before meeting to state that chased Transport Scotland who have traffic island planned but location tbc.

Alan Hill, sent apologies email re: 1.Gala- a great success at community garden and hopefully there again next year. Meeting this week to make arrangements for bonfire night. 2. Turbines – delighted with outs and delighted that it was unanimous. Great work done by cc in achieving this result. 3. Dawn – about to lodge own objections and encouraging residents affected to attend 20th September meeting.

6) NOWTFF (SSE Wind Turbines)

RH stated how pleased FCC members and concerned Fairlie residents are that Planning Committee had rejected the application in ‘opinion’, but that the Reporter will not speak to any interested parties on the 28th September when they visit site. RH has submitted locations for the Reporter to visit and a statement from FCC.

The FCC submission to the Reporter has not been published on the website due to the ‘sensitivity’ of some of the documents; 55 supporting documents, some of which are personal statements. RH has written on behalf of FCC to request that the main submission is published, and that personal details are redacted.

DT raised concerns that NAC had not submitted any statement regarding potential health risks in their ‘opinion’, but understood why due to the risks of litigation. TM responded that it was for Ministers to satisfy themselves that the turbines ‘do not impact residents’ health’.

Concerns were raised that the Scottish Government have just overturned 11 of 17 local decisions to refuse wind farms in the last few years.

7) Hunterston Power Station A – Cladding Colour

RH reported that she has submitted FCC’s view that the cladding should be ‘battleship grey;’ to NAC Planning. Magnox already have planning permission but are prepared to take local opinions in to consideration.

8) A78

Transport Scotland not responded since July to e mails. KST chased by e mail. Concerns raised that traffic lights have not slowed down traffic and that Dawn Homes development could make traffic congestion a concern at specific times.

Action: KST to press NL for Transport Scotland to attend October meeting, and write with specific concerns. (Completed 04/09/2017.)

9) Dawn Homes Phase 2/3 planning application

KST talked through NAC’s responses to FCC’s objections based on the public meeting of the 17th July 2017. Full details to be posted on FCC website.

Concerns were raised that NAC have not held Dawn Homes to account on any Phase One conditions not met: path to school, children’s play area, affordable homes, temporary SUDs pond, RES3 financial transparency and conditions.

Action: KST to write to Planning Committee, Ross Middleton and 4 local councillors, stating FCC’s view that Phase2/3 Planning permission should not be considered until Phase one conditions have been fulfilled.

TM invited local Allanton Park Terrace and/or Castlepark residents to attend 20th September Planning Committee.

Actions: FCC members to contact residents concerned.

10) Consultation on additional sites – Local Development Plan 2

KST reminded all that final consultation closes 08/09/2017.

11) Hunterston PARC

Ron Gilchrist, local environmentalist informed all present that he has met with Peelports alongside Millport CC regarding potential community solar farm on site, providing up to 5MW power to the site itself. Cost £4m. RG may have secured grant for feasibility study. Early days; looking for financial backing but great to see Peelport listening to local residents. RG has asked MSP and MP for support but told up to owners.

David Nairn has contacted Biodiversity Officer re clean up for SSSI and will update at meetings on progress.


  1. Planning Manager Presentation

Jim Miller, Planning Manager has offered to do a presentation on how Planning works.

Action:  RH to liaise on a suitable date.

Next Meeting: Monday 2nd October 2017, Semple Centre at 7.30 pm.

FCC Minutes 09/01/17

Fairlie Community Council Minutes 09/01/2017 (Draft)

  • Present: Rita Holmes, Karla Tully, Ian Hunter, Marco Priva, David Telford, Calum Corral (press), PC Derek Cole and PC Graham Miller, and 8 members of the public.
  • Apologies: Joan Downie, Kenneth Gibson (MSP), Alan Hill (NAC Councillor), Tom Marshall (NAC Councillor), PC Dominic Murphy (Community Policing team)
  • Police update

RH thanked DC and GM for attending at short notice. 20 incidents in December 2016 in Fairlie (25 last ; year). 20 queries. 1 theft; 2 breach of the peace; 2 traffic offences.

DM still to feed back on: blue BMW which persistently runs red light. Traffic light monitoring.

  • SSE: Hunterston Offshore Wind Turbine Facility

(Summary of December presentation and issues raised 05/12/2016 on FCC website)

– SSE have not submitted planning application yet. Details will be posted on FCC website once received.

– MOP: Is there an opportunity to have local sustainable energy generation?

  • Fatal Accident Inquiry

Started 9th January 2017 at Kilmarnock Sheriff’s Court.   Disappointed that FCC letter and concerns initially raised regarding volume of Peelport HGV traffic will not be heard.

Clarification of medical history of driver should be given; still no explanation as to why criminal charges against the driver were dropped after several months.

  • Dawn Homes

Largs and Millport paper have published two articles as SEPA have instructed Dawn Homes to make improvements to the SUDS pond and drainage on site to stop red silt spilling in to the burn and bay. Deadline of 23/12/16 not met.

AH to confirm date for FCC representatives to attend meeting with James Miller, Head of NAC Planning to discuss community’s concerns and questions as detailed on FCC website.

Key question – what is ‘phase 2 exactly, and when will the planning application be submitted?

7)            Cunninghame Housing Association Application

NAC not considered application yet. KST to ask TM for date.

8)             Village Inn Update

Next ‘working group’ (Bats About the Pub(BAP)), Monday 16/01/2017, Semple Centre, 19.00.

9)            A78 – Feedback from Transport Scotland

KST took those present through Neil Laing, Transport Scotland, Area Manager South West , e mail on concerns raised regarding ‘traffic light’ trial.

KST to ask Neil Laing to attend separate meeting to discuss detailed data and additional traffic calming options.

10)            Western Link

Cable transfer operation for January 2017 cancelled. No known dates for future transfers.

Meeting 31/01/2017 when FCC will send two members to represent the community.

11)             Hunterston SSG

A Station : RH stated that Unite Union may be taking industrial action.

B Station : Next public meeting including presentation on transportation of radioactive waste, 02/03/2017, Lauriston Hotel, Ardrossan, 13.00.

12)             AOB

  1. Allanton Park Terrace (APT) wall restoration

Local residents asking if any funding would be available as public access their private road. Unlikely as Fairlie has many private roads with public access which have to be maintained privately.

APT residents are forming a group to look at options including completing the work themselves.

  1. Village Wildlife Conservation

Ron Gilchrist asked if local residents would be interested in forming a strategy for the village to be submitted to the NAC for the next Locality Plan.

To be discussed at the next BAP meeting.

  1. Flood Assessment for Village

MOP asked whether SEPA should be asked to complete a comprehensive flood risk assessment of the whole village. To be discussed at BAP meeting.

Next meeting: February 2017, 7.30 pm in Semple Centre.

FCC Minutes 07/11/16

Fairlie Community Council Minutes 07.11.2016

  • Present: Rita Holmes, Karla Tully, Ian Hunter, Marco Priva, David Telford, Joan Downie, Callum Corral (press), Alan Hill (NAC Councillor), PC Simon Windsor, PC Thomas Arthur (Community Policing team) and 6 members of the public.
  • Apologies: Kenneth Gibson (MSP), Alec Gallagher and Grace McClean (NAC Councillors), PC Dominic Murphy.
  • Elections of new FCC members

5 nominations received and accepted by NAC: Rita Holmes, Marco Priva, Ian Hunter, David Telford, Karla Tully.

1 co-opt nomination for Joan Downie. Proposed RH, Seconded KT.

7th place – nominations and volunteers invited.

Chairperson: Rita Holmes. Proposed by K., Seconded by JD.

Secretary: Karla Tully. Proposed by RH. Seconded by DT

Treasurer: Ian Hunt. Proposed by DT. Seconded by MP.

All members accepted and signed declaration of office forms. KT to send to NAC.

  • Previous minutes proposed by RH. Seconded IH.
  • Police update

PC SW. 33 incidents in October 2016 in Fairlie (27 last year). Majority of incidents related to A78 traffic congestion and issues caused by road works. 1 medical related incident resulting in hospitalisation. 2 reported crimes; theft of a van (no keys), Pier Road , vandalism of house lock with super glue.

FCC issues raised:

Fairlie Face Book page: Double parking on A78 pavements by lay-bys causing risk to buggy and wheelchair users.

Increased incidents of parking on double yellow lines in The Causeway: This has actually stopped the traffic lights sensors working on occasions. Police committed to monitor theses issues.

Traffic Lights: Police still not heard from Transport Scotland re: statistics or possibility of converting to enforcement cameras.

  • NAC Councillors’ Update

AH to include in topic discussions.

  • Dawn Homes

KT arranged site visit for 18/11/2016 and will update website with outcome.

Topics: SUDS pond safety, A78 access and egress, temporary school path route, preservation of Ladies’ Walk, pedestrian access to Glen Road and railway station.

Dawn Homes are holding an Exhibition on 28th November, 12.30 to 19.30 in the Village Hall regarding the next phase of construction of up to 100 houses All interested residents are encouraged to attend.

Outstanding action: AH to look at what NAC will be responsible for once houses built.

AG to update FCC on any community funds that should be made available.

New Action: (KT).William Cameron of Dawn Homes to attend FCC 9th January 2017.

  • National Off-shore test site- Test turbines

SSE invited FCC representatives to meeting on 8/11/2016. RH and KT to attend. Continued concerns regarding low frequency noise emissions, extended planning application which could result in new turbines or site development without impacted communities have prior sight of use. Whilst FCC members and some residents remain concerned and have evidence that other countries see wind turbines close to populations as a potential health risk, NHS Health Board have sent FCC Chair a letter stating they are unaware of any health risks, but will continue to monitor.

SSE are monitoring for low level noise in a local home and will make results available to FCC.

Outstanding Action: RH to request noise data from NAC and SSE.

SSE representative to attend FCC in December.   Local residents welcome.

9)             Hunterston SSG Update (Chair)

Next SSG Meeting 1st December 2016, 13.00 at Lauriston Hotel, Ardrossan. Open to the public.

FCC questions:

  1. Can safety rods for emergency shut-down be tested?
  2. How is the de scion to shut down made, and what safety over rides are there?
  3. What will lead to the frequency of core brick cracking inspections to increase?
  4. Can Hunterston attend FCC in February or March 2017?

10)             Clyde Port

RH raised concerns that NAC not taking 10 recent noise complaints seriously.

Cable transfer operation suspended until January. Boat due on December cancelled.



11)             A78

KG still not heard re: request for a FCC represent community at January 2017’s Fatal Accident Inquiry.

KT stated bot Caroline Briggs (Road Safety) and KT chasing Transport Scotland and not returned. KT to raise as compliant.

12)            Coastal Path

John Riddel updated meeting. NAC have applied for funding from Ayrshire Leader group. Community Trust have planning consent and Land Owner’s permission for Bay Street to Round House section, and have been shown details engineering plans as per last consultation.

13)             Local Development Plan

NAC budget has been approved. Consultation will start expected soon.

FCC and residents’ specific interest in protecting and improving local amenities, such as play areas, open spaces, pedestrian and cycle routes.

14)            AOB

  1. Smell by Hunterston roundabout. Some complaints by local residents. This is believed to be fertilisers used on land above.
  2. Fairlie Community Fireworks. AH stated best ever, and that highest numbers. Thanks to all who volunteered.
  3. Morrisons Community Project. JD asked for donations of small presents and names for people who will be spending Christmas alone.   Already. linked with Health providers.
  4. Remembrance Day Wreath: To be laid by IH on behalf of FCC and Community.


Next meeting: 5th December 2016, 7.30 pm in Semple Centre.

FCC Minutes 05/12/16

Fairlie Community Council Minutes 05.12.2016 (To be approved 09/01/2017)

  • Present: Rita Holmes, Karla Tully, Ian Hunter, Marco Priva, David Telford, Joan Downie, Callum Corral (press), Alan Hill (NAC Councillor), Tom Marshall (NAC Councillor), PC Dominic Murphy (Community Policing team) and 17 members of the public.
  • Apologies: Kenneth Gibson (MSP)
  • Police update

PC DM. 18 incidents in November 2016 in Fairlie (24 last year). 6 incidents related to an on going neighbour dispute. Most of rest related to A78 traffic lights ; M.O.P reported blue BMW which persistently runs red light. DM to check how followed up.

Traffic Lights: Police still not heard from Transport Scotland re: statistics or possibility of converting to enforcement cameras.

  • SSE Presentation RE: Hunterston Offshore Wind Turbine Facility: Pauline Allinson – Project Liaison Manager (Summary presentation on FCC website)

Key points raised by those present:

  1. Scottish Government (SNP) Policy does not advocate windturbines as principle renewable energy source?

PA responded that funding is received from Scottish Government.

  1. SSE Social finding allocates £50K across three local communities; MOP suggested that app £800K per KW potentially, (£millions generated even though not fully commissioned?), and asked for a more representative contribution of permission granted. PA to look in to.
  2. Light pollution increased. PA stated turbines site does not produce light. Likely to be Hunterston Power Station and Peelport.
  3. Concerns that planning permission should still allow for review of change of use of any part of the site whilst operational , and that a generic or blanket permission is not granted.
  4. On request from TM (NAC), SSE committed to submit planning application after Christmas to allow all interested parties reasonable time to respond.
  5. MOP believes that permission only granted previously as NAC Chair was pro wind power and that locals were always concerned that the 5 years would always be manipulated. PA assured those present that the site was for testing and training only and application was not for a generation site.
  6. Environmental impact and health impacts of infra sound a real concern especially as these are the biggest turbines on land world wide; residents complaining of dizziness. SSE have commissioned a recent independent acoustic survey; results January 2017.
  7. Have SSE considered impact on marine life? Ask for an environmental impact assessment that looks at

whole area – land and sea.

  1. When will full noise survey be made as turbines are not at full capacity? Concerns that SSE are not really taking locals’ concerns seriously.
  • Fatal Accident Inquiry

KG pressing that village can be represented by FCC. Likely that Sheriff will not permit. 9th January 2017 at Kilmarnock Sheriff’s Court.

  • Dawn Homes

       Principle concerns raised:

  1. Temporary school path does not seem to be at route stipulated.
  2. No trees and hedges to be destroyed unless absolutely necessary, yet DH are not demonstrating this         commitment. Tree preservation order (TPO) to be applied for.
  3. School capacity?            NAC are confident they have capacity. AH to discuss with education department.
  4. Conditions in Local Development Plan 2014. Are they being met re: Trust and other funding streams?
  5. Environmental pollution risks; Keppen Burn and drainage risks to roads and beach.

KST to prepare report of all concerns and issues to raose on belf of Fairlie for next meeting. (See draft on FCC website).

AH to arrange a meeting with NAC Planning regarding Dawn Homes and Fairlie Castle concerns in January 2017.

7)               Cunninghame Housing Association : Affordable Housing Application

            CHA stated that they would only put planning application in if local community were in agreement, yet               concerns raised were not recognised by CHA.

FCC to put in objection to application on behalf of community once application submitted. (See FCC             website for full document.)

8)             Village Inn

Separate group to be formed with AH as Chair to look at community options.

9)             Clyde Marine Mammal Project: David Nairn

David presented the scope and purposes of the project which is based in Fairlie and gives locals an opportunity to get involved in the surveying of marine wildlife and the environment.

Highlights from the presentation were:

  • This is a unique marine environment whose diversity has not been well surveyed or documented.
  • Local area has one of the highest porpoise population densities in the world.
  • Recent sightings of minke whales, basking sharks, three species of dolphins. The website has detailed species sighting maps.
  • Special area of conservation from our shoreline.
  • Dolphins and porpoises are European protected animals
  • Opportunity for members of the community to get involved.

This is a great local project we should all at least know about and support.

Contact David on ‘david.nairn@clydemarinemammalproject.org‘ and website http://www.clydemarinemammalproject.org/

            10)             AOB

  1. Island Outside Filling Station : Will it be replaced?   RH to contact NAC Planning and ask

Next meeting: 9th January 2017, 7.30 pm in Semple Centre.