AC4 – Association of Clyde COASTAL Community Councils 

There are over 80 Community Councils  located on the shores of the Clyde Marine Region. Community Councils are set up by statute and form the lowest tier of  elected representation and play an important role in local planning democracy.  The Clyde Marine Spatial Planning framework is responsible for preparing the Clyde Marine Plan which will inform and shape coastal and marine policy decisions. Community Councils represent the largest stakeholder group on the Clyde but there is currently no Community Council representation on the Clyde Marine Planning Partnership board.  Without proper representation we believe that community councils will become disenfranchised from marine planning and policy making processes.

To ensure Community Councils are better represented within the marine planning framework, we would like to: 

  • Form a democratic network and/or association of Clyde Coastal Community Councils.
  • Form a steering group to identify common issues and how Community Councils can better support each other. 
  • Form an information sharing, website and communication network between community councils.
  • Apply for community council representation on the Clyde Marine Planning Partnership board. 

To better achieve this we will develop a survey form and contact community councils directly.  We would like to hear from all Clyde Coastal Community Councils or a representative that has an exisiting interest or would like to develop better knowledge of coastal & marine issues.

Please contact for more information. 

Existing CMMP Board Members: Argyll & Bute Council, British Marine Scotland, Calmac Ferries Ltd, Clydeplan, Clyde Fishermens Association, Community of Arran Seabed Trust (COAST), Field Studies Council, Loch Lomond & Trossachs National Park, North Ayrshire Council, Peel Ports Clydeport, Royal Society for the Protection of Birds, Royal Yachting Association Scotland, Scottish Canals, Scottish Coastal Forum, Scottish Environmental LINK, Scottish Natural Heritage, Scottish Sea Anglers Conservation Network South Ayrshire Council, The Crown Estate, The Scottish Salmon Company, West Coast Regional Inshore Fisheries Group. Isabel Glasgow. 

More information on Clyde marine planning can be found on the Clyde Marine Planning Partnership website 

This document gives an insight and some information on the principles of   stakeholder engagement in the marine spatial planning process.