SSE NOWTFF Wind Turbine Objection

Dear sir,
re the article “ Fears are unfounded ” Largs and Millport , 21st June,.at no time during the NAC Planning Committee Meeting on the 14th June did Dr Joy Tomlinson say what you quote. What she actually said in response to a Planning Committee member`s pertinent question about the effectiveness of using an epidemiological study was this “it is a rough and ready tool, it depends on how people describe things when they come in to see their doctor and different GP practices also code things differently . Picking up small changes, especially if it is just for a few months of activity (as in the case of the wind turbines at Hunterston) would be difficult.” If she did, as you claim, e mail it post meeting to the press then it is unfortunate that both A-Anhs representatives are sticking to the same incorrect statement that there is no good published evidence that wind turbines and associated infrasound adversely affect humans.

Ayrshire and Arran NHS surely must have known that continuing to use this inappropriate type of study was a waste of time. For Ms Henderson A-A nhs to refer to this study as though valid, and to use it to shore up her inaccurate and outdated statements is misleading and a disservice to the community. She refers to the Advisory Group on non ionising Radiation`s AGNIR`s report (2010) on infrasound which is all about ultrasound with five lines devoted to infrasound.

AGNIR state Infrasound is not a priority research project due to financial constraints. It does not say there is no harm to health from infrasound.

Ms Henderson`s 6 minute waffle about cancer clusters and infectious diseases, neither of which relate to the detrimental health effects suffered by those exposed to the infrasound and very low frequencies produced by the Mitsubishi Sea Angel test wind turbine, is a poor substitute for her expected written submission to NAC. This had been promised to Fairlie Community Council well before the Planning Committee meeting on the 14th June. Where is it?

In the middle of all her long and rather irrelevant statement there is an honest nugget…she says “ there is a direct causation between infrasound and damage to health “. Pity it was lost amongst all the other unfinished sentences, dropped in phrases attempting to give credence to a very poor report. There is a cohort of people seriously and adversely affected by the inappropriate location of the offshore wind turbines at Hunterston. A normal wind turbine has a setback distance of 2km and it only produces a third of the power of the Mitsubishi. The Mitsubishi is 2.5Km from Fairlie and Millport . The two huge wind turbines are causing detrimental neurological and physiological effects as soon as they start to turn.. SSE lease the site from Peelports. SSE run the site and own the Siemen`s turbine which has completed its testing . SSE sublet to Mitsubishi. Since autumn of last year Fairlie Community Council and local individuals have brought the health issue to the attention of NAC, SSE, A-Anhs and HPS.. Despite the fact North Ayrshire Council , Scottish and Southern Energy, Ayrshire and Arran NHS and Health Protection Scotland`s Dr Colin Ramsay know there is a serious health problem they remain in denial and pass the buck. Last week, the CEO and legal Department of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries was directly informed that its Sea Angel wind Turbine is causing ill health. We await his response. It is bad enough that all these bodies are letting our communities down . The Scottish Government needs to step in, insist the Precautionary Principle is applied , acknowledge the need for safe setback distances for offshore turbines on land and make sure until regulations governing infrasound and the extremely damaging frequencies below 10

Hertz.( because there are no regulations for these yet) are put in place testing at Hunterston is stopped.

Rita Holmes (Chairwoman Fairlie Community Council)

FCC Minutes 06/06/2017

Fairlie Community Council (FCC) Minutes 05/06/2017

Present: Rita Holmes (chairperson), Marco Piva (minute taker), Ian Hunter, David Telford of FCC; Cllrs. Alan Hill and Ian Murdoch of NAC; PC Dominic Murphy (Police); Calum Corral (press); 10 members of the public. Apologies: Karla Tully, Joan Downie (FCC); Kenneth Gibson MSP; Cllrs. Alec Gallagher and Tom Marshall (NAC).

Minutes of 08/05/2017 proposed by DT, seconded by IH.

1      Police report

– 27 incidents reported in May, 10 of which related to road traffic – none of those inside the village. This includes 3 reports of animals on the road. 3 crimes all related to the Kelburn Festival: 2 breaches of the peace, 1 assault
– questions re. traffic light and traffic island to be referred to Transport Scotland

2      Chairperson’s update

– Merchant Navy to organise a “Fly the Red Ensign Day” (Sept 3rd). Fairlie to organise a flag hoisting event. DT to contact bowling club and Fairlie Quay

3      NAC Councillors and MSP update

– NAC: no updates
– No MSP present

4            Hunterston SSG update

– June 1st SSG was cancelled due to elections and a planned emergency exercise
– Next meeting Sept 7th, Seamill Hydro, 1:30pm; possible meeting in Aug for changes to membership/constitution

5            NOWTTF update

– Planning committee (new chair: Cllr. Tom Marshall) to meet Wed June 14th to discuss appl. for extension
– 5 groups applied to address committee as objectors, incl. Mr. Ronald Gilchrist and Dr. Yelland (or Melvin Grosvenor). Total time available, 10 min [although AH thinks they will be granted more time if they ask for it]
– Background noise checks to commence on Tue June 13th
– 28-page report by Prof. Alun Evans uploaded on NAC Planning website
– DT: Mr. Gilchrist’s complaint letter hasn’t been logged on NAC planning website yet. This is unacceptable; letters will also be collected separately for clarity
– NHS Ayrsh. & Arran has been asked for a submission, none has been filed yet
– AH: be aware that a decision against the extension will undoubtedly be appealed against; the grounds for refusal must be clear and grounded. Offer a clear and detailed documented (not longer than a page of text) to be minuted at the committee meeting. The appeal will focus only on the official reasons for refusal
– AH: if decision is delayed (background noise report won’t be ready until late June), the earliest one will be taken is Aug
– IM: on document to present to committee, also focus on lack of job creation as was instead declared initially and on the fact that the initial agreement was for 5 years and 5 years only
– David Nairn: suggestion to also mention problems suffered by wildlife

6            Fairlie Castle update

– FCC wrote the Scot. Minister re. community dissatisfaction with how the issue was handled
– David McNeur: excavation should be stopped until scheduled monument consent is gained, they seem to be ongoing
– AH to find more details from NAC Planning

7            A78 (traffic island and “experimental” traffic light)

– no updates; KT to get in touch with Transport Scotland

8      Southannan Housing update

– DT: application for 8 new houses; FCC objected (terms of original sale mentioned no further housing, and the area is surrounded by community woodland)
– AH: on local planning the area is amber, but the wooded area is red

9      Hunterston

– no application for decommissioning of oil rigs filed, only a screening opinion asking if full environmental impact assessment is necessary; Marine Scotland involved

10      Dawn Homes

– AH: there is a draft for building of new houses, but no application. Probably won’t be filed very soon

11   FCC Finance

– printing of leaflets and posters for public meeting re NOWTFF: £60
– DT: would it be possible to apply for funding from NAC to pay for experts and consultants re. NOWTFF?
– RH: fundrising probably more effective. Consultants’ expenses until now paid by RH off her own pocket
– IH: RH and KT to be added as signatories for FCC bank account (replacing Steve Graham). No objections from FCC

12      New Computer and Printer

– funding received from Magnox; KT to make the purchase

13      FCC Membership

– Sarah Bowden working in London; David Nairn volunteered to take her place; no objections, David Nairn joins FCC

14      AOB

a: Shore Path
– John Riddle: stretch between Ferry Row and Bay Str. awaiting consent from Marine Scotland; NAC or ACOM should have advertised application for licence on paper. AH to find out if application has been filed
– the money has a timescale; AH to find out when expiration date is

b: Pavements
– low-hanging tree branches preventing circulation on East side Main Str pavements: Glen Rd to Causeway and past School Brae
– suggestion to hand out a leaflet asking residents to take care of trees in private gardens
– IM to find out who is in charge of trees growing in public areas (possibly Transerv)

Next meeting, 03/07/2017, 7.30 pm at the Semple Centre, Main Str.

FCC Minutes 03/07/2017

Fairlie Community Council Minutes 03/07/2017

  • Present: Rita Holmes, Karla Tully, Ian Hunter, Marco Piva, David Telford, Tom Marshall (NAC Councillor), Ian Murdoch (NAC Councillor), Calum Corral (press), David McNeur (Fairlie Castle Activist), PC Dominic Murphy, John Riddell (Fairlie Community Trust), and 9 members of the public.
  • Apologies: Joan Downie, Alan Hill (NAC Councillor), David Nairn
  • Last meeting’s minutes: Proposed DT; 2nd RH
  • Police update

Incidents –24; Mainly related to traffic issues (7 for one car parked illegally); 1 car abandoned by car wash due to a blown tyre; 2 disturbances leading to arrests at Kelburn music festival;

DM stated hat he had used speed gun twice in last month to raise awareness. Offer to take a FCC member on speed checks declined at this time.

Dawn Home traffic island: DM to raise as safety concern and to contact Transport Scotland.

5) NAC Councillors’ Update

Ian Murdoch, Independent Councillor: IM stated that he concentrates on local issues rather than involving self in political decisions as not affiliated to a political party. IM met with Transerve (road maintenance company) and travelled Skelmorlie to Hunterston A78. Fairlie issues- road condition opposite top of Jetty Road and traffic island missing at Dawn Homes.

Tom Marshall, Conservative Councillor. Full NAC Council approved proposal for a Hunterston C power station and the re-development of disused Hunterston sites.

6) NOWTFF (SSE Wind Turbines)

Last Planning meeting 14/06/2017 decision suspended until flawed original noise survey re-done. Next meeting September 2017. Concerns continue that health issues not taken seriously by SSE, NHS or NAC despite local GPs now recognising the link and the symptoms. FCC and several Fairlie residents have formally complained abut the misleading and out of date information provided by Ms Henderson, Public Health Consultant for NHS. FCC also sent a formal lawyer’s letter to NAC stating damage to residents’ health and requiring operation to cease.

SSE have finally started an apprenticeship scheme after nearly 5 years of being on site. No other economic benefits seen. IM stated that he believes the planning application should be denied on lack of economic benefits alone. SSE have also invited all NAC Councillors to discuss issues with them.

MOP asked TM (Chair of Planning Committee), why NAC fail to recognise health risks, or to investigate infra sound, especially after out of court settlement in Cork, Southern Island compensating seven families for the adverse health impacts of wind turbines too close t their homes.   TM felt unable to respond at this meeting.


DT to look for details of the Environmental Impact assessment, as he questioned it’s validity.

TM to feed back details of how noise is being measured. Infra-sound is not being measured by SSE as part of the NAC requested survey.

7) Fairlie Castle

KST read from the letter received from Minister for Local Government and Housing, Kevin Stewart’s office. This letter is posted on FCC website, but in summary Scottish Ministers will not take any action, and advise that residents continue to report any infringements of environmental protection to SEPA, and activities outside of planning permission to NAC. The diversion of the path was also not seen as a concern as NAC do not recognise the original route as a ‘right of way’, despite 100+ years’ of use.   TM stated that the matter was reviewed by the Public Services Ombudsman in 2016 who concluded that there was “no maladministration on behalf of the NAC”. DMcN had also received a letter from NAC CEO June 2016, stating that the ‘matter was closed’ as far as the NAC was concerned. FCC letter to Minister was therefore last attempt to get matters reviewed.

FCC were spilt as to whether to raise the issue again with NAC, and KST will discuss with David McNeur.

8)             A78

TM provided alternative contact details for KST to chase data on traffic lights and raise concerns about the removal of the safety crossing island.

If anyone wishes to raise issues contact Transerve Control Room on 0141 218 3800.

9) Fairlie Coastal Path

RH asked JR to summarise the current situation re: path plans. JR stated that detailed drawings had been drawn up for completion of a path from Southannan to Bay Street, which was to be completed in 4 sections.

As FCT have the planing permission for some of the route, FCT have been involved in the detail to date. JR is also discussing details with all property owners adjacent to the path. Likely that the Southannan and north of Fairlie Burn to Craig Lynn sections will be completed first, as these do not need detailed owners input or Marine Scotland consent, and Sustrans have written to the NAC indicating that they could divert funds elsewhere if [physical] progress is not made by August 2017.

Marine Scotland licence has only just been applied for due to a NAC Access Department delay, meaning the most needed sections south of Bay Street to Ferry Row, and then Ferry Row to Craig Lynn, can not start until September at the earliest.

JR pointed out that due to the detailed public consultations the path widths and heights have been reduced, limiting the width to 2 metres unless the path is already wider than that. The less controversial sections are being constructed first, and the Ferry Row section is yet to be drawn up in any detail.

JR has advised NAC not to start on the Bay Street steps section until the sailing season is over.

FCC and MsOP voiced frustration that NAC will be spending money where work is not needed, and will also cause unnecessary disruption at the south section of the village.

10) Dangerous Vegetation overhanging A78 paths

This was also published in the Church News requesting that land owners cut back the overhanging foliage and branches obstructing the path at head height. Specific concerns can be raised by calling Transerve.

11) AOB

  1. Public Toilets

Zoe MaClean, who wrote to FCC in the recent Church News attended and asked FCC to work with her on applying for funding via NAC.

Other villages have managed to retain public facilities by buying the buildings from NAC. As Fairlie does not have such a closed building (the capsule toilet was removed), funding from external sources would have to be gained, plus facilities would then have to be maintained by local residents.

Action: KST to work with Zoe.

  1. Planning Application for 8 house at Southannan Estate

DT asked TM why the decision will be made by NAC Officers and not the Planning Committee as DT believes that these houses are not in the Local Development Plan. TM believes that the development is within the LDP but will check.

Next Meeting: Monday 7th August 2017


FCC Minutes 07/08/2017

Fairlie Community Council Minutes 07/08/2017

  • Present: Rita Holmes, Karla Tully, Marco Piva, David Telford, David Nairn, Ian Murdoch (NAC Councillor), Calum Corral (press), PC Dominic Murphy, John Riddell (Fairlie Community Trust), and 11 members of the public.
  • Apologies: Joan Downie, Ian Hunter, Tom Marshall (NAC Councillor).
  • Last meeting’s minutes: Proposed RH; 2nd DT
  • Police update

2 crimes; theft of garden tools in Community Gardens and theft from garden shed Kelburn Avenue. Believed to be same opportunist thief travelling though the village.

Incidents -16; one burnt out vehicle at base of Moor Rd stolen from Kilbirnie. Rest of no note.

Dawn Home traffic island: DM raised concern via Sgt with Transport Scotland.

5) NAC Councillors’ Update

Ian Murdoch, Independent Councillor: IM stated that A78 culvert project on NAC agenda but no clear time-scale. IM to follow up issues re: A78 safety near Dawn Homes including requests for temporary traffic lights.

6) NOWTFF (SSE Wind Turbines)

SSE have now appealed to the Scottish Government due to the time lapse in NAC making a decision. NAC binging planning meeting forward to 23rd August which means the ‘noise survey,’ will not be complete and the expert witnesses may not be available. Submissions and comments to the reporter, Colin Bell, DPEA by 17th August 2017.

RH reported that response from Colin Ramsey, NHS included some recognition that infra-sound can be a risk to health.


RH to prepare FCC response to the appeal. All to encourage submissions to the Reporter.

7) Hunterston/Peelport Site

The future of this site is very unclear. The site is being advertised by JLL Property Marketing for potential users, all with the full support of the Scottish Government as part of its PARC strategy as follows:

“Peel Ports Group is developing Hunterston PARC to support the Scottish Government’s ‘Circular Economy’ strategy, with the co-location of material management, asset decommissioning and recycling, pre-fabrication and manufacturing, data storage, and power generation all on a single site alongside industrial research activities.
The site is expected to attract significant interest from the energy sector, with infrastructure suited for power generation, storage and exportation. Hunterston PARC is equipped to handle and process chemicals including liquefied natural gas which is increasingly powering Scottish industry and transport.”

Ron Gilchrist , MOP and known environmentalist raised concerns that this strategy could result in polluting activities from new lease holders and local residents need to be aware of the risks of industrial operations adversely polluting the village with noise and contaminants. The site should be returned to it’ original environmental state once it is decommissioned but the recent advertisement suggest Peelport have long term development plans, not that it is for sale as a whole, as believed by RG. Possible uses could be dismantling of oil rigs or similar vessels. RG asked if alternative proposals could be put forward.

KST asked what local MSP and MPs’ views are.

(Kenneth Gibson’s website has a statement on it supporting the principles of the strategy :

The deep water port energy connections and the extent of the land available are obvious attractions. Any potential development should be looked at in detail, taking into account the local economy, employment opportunities as well as the impact on the environment and local communities.*A circular economy is an alternative to a traditional linear economy (make, use, dispose) in which we keep resources in use for as long as possible, extract the maximum value from them whilst in use, then recover and regenerate products and materials at the end of each service life)

Actions: Monitor planning applications for activities on Hunterston site. Look for alternative opportunities using clean energy e.g. solar plant. Possible meeting with Kenneth and/or Patricia Gibson once planning applications known.

8) A78

KST read out response received from Neil Lang, Transport Scotland Regional Manager.

Traffic lights – statistics show that average speeds have now reduced to those before speed activation of the traffic lights since adjusting camera sensors. This is not a desirable response. No similar schemes have been implemented in Scotland.

NL also acknowledges that the average speed between Jetty Rd and the Causeway lights have increased slightly, as have the speeds on the south gateway. The speeds at the north gateway have decreased extremities of the village.

NL looking in to traffic island removal and safety measures at Dawn Homes site

Action: KST to press NL for Transport Scotland to attend September or October meeting.

9) Hunterston Power Station A – Cladding Colour

Local consultation on preferred colour of decommissioned building. 17/00740/PP | Proposed replacement weather envelope cladding to reactor buildings and associated works (revised design to cladding approved under planning permission ref. N/01/00286/PP)

SSG not asked at recent meeting.

After discussion those present agreed to be as unobtrusive as possible the building cladding should be similar to ‘Hunterston B’.

Action: RH to feedback recommendations.

10) Dawn Homes Phase 2/3 planning application

KST talked through FCC’s detailed response to the above application based on all issues raised at the public meeting of the 17th July 2017. This response is posted on the FCC website and has been circulated to all who left an e mail on the 17th July 2017.

As Dawn Homes have already been given planning permission in principle the best outcome is ensuring that NAC listen to the real concerns and the negative impact to the village is minimised.


  1. Public Toilets

KST still awaiting response from NAC re: potential funding options. Option to apply for Lottery Funding. Zoe McLean asking for volunteers to help with this. Cleaning and maintenance would have to be carried out by village residents.

IM raised similar concerns that NAC ‘public toilets’ are not sufficiently cleaned and managed and is raising with NAC.

  1. Planning Application for 8 house at Southannan Estate

Planning permission has been granted by NAC Officers, despite land not being identified correctly in Local Development Plan.   DT raised issue of NAC selling land at low price as initial conditions precluded further housing development.

  1. Closure of Children’s Play Park, Pier Road

DN raised concern that children now playing near railway line as a result of the closure.

Next Meeting: Monday 4th September 2017

FCC Minutes 04/09/2017

Fairlie Community Council Minutes 04/09/2017 – Draft

  • Present: Rita Holmes, Karla Tully, David Telford, David Nairn,Ian Hunter, Tom Marshall (NAC Councillor) Calum Corral (press), PC Dominic Murphy, and 8 members of the public.
  • Apologies: Marco Piva, Joan Downie, Alan Hill (NAC Councillor), Ian Murdoch (NAC Councillor)
  • Last meeting’s minutes: Proposed RH; 2nd DT
  • Police update

1 reported crime; theft of wheelie bin from The Causeway.

Incidents -22; one domestic issue; rest traffic issues reported several times.

TM asked for details of 101and 999 calls in future which DM agreed to look in to providing.

5) NAC Councillors’ Update

Tom Marshall; Confirmed that Planning Committee ‘opinion’ on SSE Wind turbines extension application was to decline application. As SSE have already appealed, this decision was submitted to the Reporter as part of appeal consideration based on LDP and planning restrictoions.

RDK’s appeal for housing on site at the north of Bowling Green turned down on LDP conditions alone.

Dawn Homes, Phase 2/3 will be considered 20th September 17. TM has arranged for Planning Committee to visit site without any interested parties 14th September 17.

Ian Murdoch, Independent Councillor: IM emailed information before meeting to state that chased Transport Scotland who have traffic island planned but location tbc.

Alan Hill, sent apologies email re: 1.Gala- a great success at community garden and hopefully there again next year. Meeting this week to make arrangements for bonfire night. 2. Turbines – delighted with outs and delighted that it was unanimous. Great work done by cc in achieving this result. 3. Dawn – about to lodge own objections and encouraging residents affected to attend 20th September meeting.

6) NOWTFF (SSE Wind Turbines)

RH stated how pleased FCC members and concerned Fairlie residents are that Planning Committee had rejected the application in ‘opinion’, but that the Reporter will not speak to any interested parties on the 28th September when they visit site. RH has submitted locations for the Reporter to visit and a statement from FCC.

The FCC submission to the Reporter has not been published on the website due to the ‘sensitivity’ of some of the documents; 55 supporting documents, some of which are personal statements. RH has written on behalf of FCC to request that the main submission is published, and that personal details are redacted.

DT raised concerns that NAC had not submitted any statement regarding potential health risks in their ‘opinion’, but understood why due to the risks of litigation. TM responded that it was for Ministers to satisfy themselves that the turbines ‘do not impact residents’ health’.

Concerns were raised that the Scottish Government have just overturned 11 of 17 local decisions to refuse wind farms in the last few years.

7) Hunterston Power Station A – Cladding Colour

RH reported that she has submitted FCC’s view that the cladding should be ‘battleship grey;’ to NAC Planning. Magnox already have planning permission but are prepared to take local opinions in to consideration.

8) A78

Transport Scotland not responded since July to e mails. KST chased by e mail. Concerns raised that traffic lights have not slowed down traffic and that Dawn Homes development could make traffic congestion a concern at specific times.

Action: KST to press NL for Transport Scotland to attend October meeting, and write with specific concerns. (Completed 04/09/2017.)

9) Dawn Homes Phase 2/3 planning application

KST talked through NAC’s responses to FCC’s objections based on the public meeting of the 17th July 2017. Full details to be posted on FCC website.

Concerns were raised that NAC have not held Dawn Homes to account on any Phase One conditions not met: path to school, children’s play area, affordable homes, temporary SUDs pond, RES3 financial transparency and conditions.

Action: KST to write to Planning Committee, Ross Middleton and 4 local councillors, stating FCC’s view that Phase2/3 Planning permission should not be considered until Phase one conditions have been fulfilled.

TM invited local Allanton Park Terrace and/or Castlepark residents to attend 20th September Planning Committee.

Actions: FCC members to contact residents concerned.

10) Consultation on additional sites – Local Development Plan 2

KST reminded all that final consultation closes 08/09/2017.

11) Hunterston PARC

Ron Gilchrist, local environmentalist informed all present that he has met with Peelports alongside Millport CC regarding potential community solar farm on site, providing up to 5MW power to the site itself. Cost £4m. RG may have secured grant for feasibility study. Early days; looking for financial backing but great to see Peelport listening to local residents. RG has asked MSP and MP for support but told up to owners.

David Nairn has contacted Biodiversity Officer re clean up for SSSI and will update at meetings on progress.


  1. Planning Manager Presentation

Jim Miller, Planning Manager has offered to do a presentation on how Planning works.

Action:  RH to liaise on a suitable date.

Next Meeting: Monday 2nd October 2017, Semple Centre at 7.30 pm.

Allanton Park Objections – Dawn Homes Development

Comments on Dawn Homes’ Phase 2 Planning Application

I am writing on behalf of the Allanton Park Terrace Residents’ Association, whose aims and constitution were agreed at a series of minuted meetings between January and March this year and are available for scrutiny on request.

We are generally supportive of the comments and objections made, or shortly to be made, by Fairlie Community Council on behalf of the community as a whole, but we have specific concerns about the issues raised in the Flood Risk Assessment (FRA) as they relate to local residents, and to the marine environment in Fairlie Bay.

These are:

  • The FRA highlights a number of water courses running through the site, one of which is the Keppen Burn;
  • The results of their own modelling (pages 25-35) indicate that the risk of significant flooding will increase around the petrol station, the train line and the access road junction on the A78 when work is undertaken on the proposed new site;
  • The FRA recognises that the current drainage system through the existing culvert is insufficient and liable to blocking as things stand. This was demonstrated over the last winter, when flooding was clearly shown to have increased, when siltation was unacceptably allowed to flow into the sea through the Keppen Burn culvert, and when several remedial attempts to address the problem were shown to be inadequate;
  • In order to mitigate against the increased risk of flooding it is proposed to make significant alterations to the Keppen Burn culvert that runs under the A78, Marine Court and Pier Road to the outfall on Fairlie Beach at the end of Allanton Park Terrace (see Figures 7 & 8). The size of structure required for the upgrade of the culvert to manage the expected flow of water appears, by the figures given, to be approximately four times the size of the current culvert.
  • The Flood Risk Assessment refers to ‘unattenuated surface water flows’ to be discharged from the developed site directly into the Keppen Burn – but there is no modelling of what impact this would have on increasing flooding risk to those between the site and the sea (Figure 6.6), or on the fragile marine environment in Fairlie Bay, Southannan Sands etc.
  • There is mention of overland flow pathways being added to mitigate against culvert blockage as water flows west to the sea, but there is no explanation of what this means and the likely impact of them raising flooding risk for properties between the site and the sea (Figure 6.6).

General Comments and Questions Arising:

Flood Risk Assessment:

  • The FRA is very technical. As lay people how do we know that the parameters used for the mathematical modelling are correct and the risk not underestimated? For example, has the effect of rising tidal levels, the likely increase in the occurrence of storm surges andthe effect of putting unattenuated surface water runoff direct into the Keppen Burn been included?
  • Figures 5 & 6 do not show the western extent (i.e. Pier Road, Allanton Park Terrace, Fairlie Beach) of the model or predicted flooding. There is a clear blue ‘Issues’ line drawn on figure 6 that is at the end of Allanton Park Terrace and around the whole of the beach area. What are these issues and what is the data on them?
  • If the culvert required to manage flooding upstream needs to be four times the size of the existing culvert, what quantity of water is being anticipating as having to flow, and what will be the impact on the area of the outfall at Fairlie Beach and the integrity of the Allanton Park Terrace retaining/sea wall?

Potential Environmental Impacts

  • What are the likely effects on the marine environment of the beach and the waters of Fairlie Bay of the significant sedimentation from the site that the report refers to?
  • What are the risks of pollutants and other contaminants entering the Keppen Burn and Fairlie Beach from allowing unattenuated site surface water to run off directly into the Keppen Burn?

General Comments: The document refers to a consultation with SEPA on flood planning. Our experience is that North Ayrshire Council & SEPA have not been interested in helping us address recent questions regarding the maintenance of the sea wall that runs along Allanton Park Terrace. As a result, we formed the Allanton Park Terrace Residents’ Association to enable us to engage effectively with local issues that affect the terrace. We need assurances that any increase in flow or volume of water onto Fairlie Beach will not affect the integrity and maintenance costs of the retaining/sea wall. In addition, no mention is made of the likely impact of significantly increasing the size of the culvert on surrounding properties, and on properties beneath which the culvert runs.

Necessary urgent action:

  • We require a report of the data and an analysis in plain English that shows full modelling of the flows through the Keppen Burn and includes the whole of the western section between the A78 and Fairlie Beach, and the impact of mitigation proposals.
  • We require that SEPA and North Ayrshire Council advise on how best we can work with them to understand the impacts on surrounding properties and the retaining/sea wall along Allanton Park terrace.
  • We require a full environmental impact assessment (EIA) to address the impact of increased volume and flow of unattenuated surface water.

Public Meeting – Dawn Homes Development Issues 17/07/17

Environment Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) pollution on going and must stop
Keppenburn pollution must cease
Carbon footprint ; is the development really necessary?
Destruction of agricultural land
Village environment Lack of spaces for cars (2 per home on average)
Too many houses in tight space
Well used community space lost
Loss of light in adjacent Castlepark Drive gardens
Right of way at back of houses into the field lost without assessment
Increase risk of damp and flooding in Castlepark adjacent gardens
Loss of privacy in adjacent houses
Increased risk of flooding of site and all roads/houses to West of site
Lady’s Walk Bat habitat; not assessed
Risk to trees
Loss of easy access to Lady’s walk
Proximity of houses to Lady’s Walk increasing putting risk to trees and subsidence
Will Tree Preservation Order (TPO) really protect the trees?
Safety Lack of emergency access
Road safety on estate itself as so compact
Flooding Risk 29 and 39 Castlepark Drive already have flooding problems (NAC aware)
12 Castlepark Drive ; watercourse already runs through garden causing flooding on occasion
Culvert is insufficient
Surface water already runs in to gardens and side roads between site and beach
Community Needs School places ; not enough capacity
Lack of leisure facilities
No children’s playing areas in plans
Congestion of minor roads
Protect Glen Road from more vehicles as cannot cope with two way traffic
Lack of trust in NAC No demonstration of challenging Dawn Homes up to none
Previous lack of due diligence Allowing missing details to be filled in after permission given
re: phase one planning conditions Loss of flats in phase One
No trust in just one entrance/exit
Breach of condition: 3 houses in ‘buffer’ area near Fairlie Castle
Scepticism that plans will be changed and not challenged by NAC planning
Phase One promises broken Path to school from north end
SUDs pond should be temporary
Loss of 36 flats/affordable homes
Culvert incapable of dealing with current drainage needs; this should have been rectified before construction started
Pollution to Keppenburn not managed
Pollution to beach near Keppenburn Terrace
A78 Only one entrance to estate ; will junction cope?
Increased risk of flooding; culvert incapable of coping now
Loss of safety crossing
Increase of A78 congestion at commuting times
Risk to Utilities Electricity cables buried on the field; is this understood?
Pylons overshadowing houses?
Risk to gas and water pressure supplies as already unreliable
Will current sewage works really cope?
Historical Site Rare archaeological site; ruins of chapel and stone circle remains will be lost
Lady’s Walk; unique historical site lost
Infrastructure Primary School capacity
Lack of doctors and dentist; Largs surgeries hard to access already
Congestion on road to Largs past Hailie Brae
Lack of village amenities; this will lead to increased traffic
Lack of regular public transport
Actions requested of NAC Proper drainage survey
Independent assessment of flood risks
Assessment of utilities infrastructure
Emergency services assessment
Historic Scotland /archaeological assessment
Transparency of funding to Kelburn Castle
Wildlife survey
Reinstatement of affordable housing
Completion of Phase One BEFORE phase two even applied for.
Hold Dawn Homes financially accountable to damage /detriment caused to surrounding homes

Residents Objection – Dawn Homes Development

Dear Sir

Further to my extension request below and consultation with professional planning consultants on the above application I wish to make the following objections:

1.  The application as it stands is invalid on the grounds that it is founded on the wrong basis.  Policy RES 3 requires that any application must comply with the approved Development Brief.  For reasons unknown, this application is based on an early draft and not the final document as approved by NAC on 9 August 2011.

The Agents have been working to a draft version and therefore their proposals do not reflect the views and decision of elected members on the Planning Committee in August 2011.

The Brief provided to me by the Agents is dated November 2010, as evidenced in both the Planning and Design Statements,  while the final brief incorporating 20 Council approved amendments is dated September 2011.

You will recall that although RES 3 requires the Brief to be prepared by NAC a decision was made by officers to allow Dawn Homes to prepare the Brief. The fact that Dawn’s Agents are not even using the correct document is beyond comprehension.

Do you agree that NAC should request the withdrawal of this  application?

2. The application as is stands is invalid since it does not conform with RES 3 given that not all the required information accompanies the application.

Paragraph 9.1 of the Brief ( Sept 2011) lists the required information and the attached note provides a summary of the serious omissions and inadequacies with the information submitted.  Without meeting these basic requirements, a proper and competent determination can not be made and the application should be withdrawn on this basis.

Do you agree that NAC should request the withdrawal of this  application?

3. To comply fully with RES 3, Fairlie Castle and existing setting requires to be fully assessed in line with HES’s published guidance.  HES advise that to be effective, such an assessment should be undertaken prior to the development of proposals in order that the findings ” inform the nature of the development”.

No such assessment has been made and the proposals do therefore not comply with the approved Development Brief and therefore would breach Council policy. The submitted application should be regarded as pre-mature until this material assessment has been made in line with approved guidance.

Do you agree that NAC should request the withdrawal of this  application?

4.  The proposed layout of the development includes several houses within the ” non development buffer” as shown in the approved Development Brief. The buffer zone according to the Brief is designed “to protect the Castle and existing setting”. This material non-conformity breaches RES 3 and is a basis for refusing this application.

Please not that I have copied this to ward members, FCC, and that I now wish, via FOI, to request a copy of all communications between NAC, Dawn Homes and Hypostyle on this site’s development since start September 2011.  

In conclusion, I would ask that you acknowledge receipt of this email by return, respond to the questions raised and please keep me advised of any subsequent changes to the application as submitted.

Finally, I wish to reserve my right to submit further representations on this application as required.

Best regards.

M Donnelly


FCC meeting on Dawn Homes Application 17/00584/PPM







14/1/14 EMAIL   






Area 1 was 36 2 bed flats. Flats and 2 houses east of the garage omitted and road access altered.



“Development for Phases 2 & 3 at Castle Park Gardens, Fairlie, in drainage terms constitutes an extension to the works already underway forming Phase 1 constructions.”


(Ref. 12/00159/PPM). The developer of the site, Dawn Homes, has commenced works and phase 1 of the development is due to complete in Autumn 2017. Dawn Homes has commenced a 12 week statutory, pre-application consultation on a proposed planning application for the development of approximately 100 dwelling houses to south of the site and to east of Castlepark Gardens, Fairlie (Ref. 16/01079/PREAPP).

The Committee agreed to (a) serve a Tree Preservation Order on the site owners in respect of all the trees and woodland within the boundary of Castlewalk Plantation (outlined in Appendix 1 to the report) in order to protect existing trees and woodland both in the interests of amenity and their historic or cultural significance and (b) notify Dawn Homes as the developer for new housing development, which is located close to the Castlewalk Plantation