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This page contains links to Hunterston Construction Yard and oil rig decommissioning proposals, planning applications and other related documents. They are arranged in chronological order In an attempt to make sense of the proposals and to track changes. We invite you to explore the documents and use the comments section at bottom of page to let us know how you feel about the proposal to turn Hunterston into Oil Rig Scrapyard.  

23/03/16 – 16/00268/PP:  Application  to delete Condition 1 of planning permission 11/00230/PPM to remove the temporary restriction on the use of the site at Hunterston Construction Yard.  ADVERTISEMENT, COVERING LETTER, APPLICATION, DECISION NOTICE, EH RESPONSE, FAIRLIE CC RESPONSE, HSE NUCLEAR RESPONSE, LOCATION PLAN, OBJECTION COMMENT, OBJECTION COMMENT 2, SEPA CHECKLIST, SEPA RESPONSE, SNH RESPONSE, WEST KILBRIDE CC RESPONSE    Planning application approved subject to conditions.

09/02/17 – EnviroCentre Ltd Environmental Review

19/05/17 – NAC Request for Screening Opinion  & NAC Checklist 

13/06/17 – Marine Scotland Screening Opinion 

13/06/17 – Marine Scotland Environmental Advice

23/11/17 – Peelports Coal Migration Report 2017 prepared by EnviroCentre Ltd. 

13/12/17 –  17/01273/PP: Application to vary Condition 1 of Planning Permission 16/00268/PP to allow use of the site for decommissioning of large marine structures. ADVERTISEMENT, APPLICATION, COVERING LETTER, CUMBRAE CC RESPONSE, ENVIRONMENTAL INFORMATION, FAIRLIE CC RESPONSE, HSE NUCLEAR RESPONSE, LOCATION PLAN, NOISE APPRAISAL, OBJECTION LETTER, PLANNING PERMISSION 16/00268/PP, REPRESENTATION LETTER, REPRESENTATION LETTER 2, SEPA RESPONSE, WEST KILBRIDE RESPONSE NAC Planning closed to comment on 14th Feb 2018, Expected to go to planning committee but not confirmed.

16/02/18 18/00132/PP Planning Application for the Erection of caisson gates and subsequent removal of existing bund at the Hunterston Construction Yard. APPLICATION, BLOCK PLAN, COASTAL ASSESSMENT, EXISTING SITE PLAN, LOCATION PLAN, OVERALL CLARIFICATION, SECTION & ELEVATION PLANS, REMOVAL PROCEDURE, SCREENING OPINION *Comments to NAC Planning before Wed 21st Mar 2018 

19/02/18 – 18/00134/PP: Planning Application for the  Replacement and Enlargement of existing jetty  at the Hunterston Construction Yard. APPLICATION, COASTAL ASSESSMENT, DETAILED DECK PLAN & ELEVATION, EXISTING SITE PLAN & PHOTOGRAPHS, JETTY BLOCK PLAN, JETTY SECTIONS, LOCATION PLAN, OVERALL CLARIFICATION LETTER  *Comments to NAC Planning before Wed 21st Mar 2018

22/02/18 – Statutory Marine Scotland ‘public’ Pre-Consultation – Seamill Hydro. *Comments about the pre-consultation event to and/or before the 8th March

05/03/18 – Clyde Marine Planning Partnership presentation at 7.30pm in Fairlie Village Hall. An opportunity to discuss the Clyde Marine Planning Partnership, that includes Peelport Board Members. This event is not specifically for Hunterston but may have opportunity to raise questions about it in terms of  marine environment and with regard to the contents of the Clyde Marine Region Assessment 2017.  Clyde Marine Planning Partnership board meeting minutes mentioning Hunterston proposals.  The FCC Secretary is preparing minutes for last night meeting but interesting to note that Peelports (A CMPP Board Member) did not inform their Clyde Marine Planning Partnership colleagues that they were holding a statutory Marine Scotland consultation on the Hunterston developments. 

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