FCC Minutes 07/12/2020

Fairlie Community Council – Monday 07/12/2020, h. 07:30pm, Zoom meeting

FCC: Rita Holmes (Chair); Marco Piva (minutes taker); Alan Holden; David Telford; Ian Hunter
NAC: Cllr. Ian Murdoch
4 MoP
Apologies: NA Cllr Alan Hill; NA Cllr Tom Marshall

Approval of November minutes: proposed by DT, seconded by AH

NA Councillor’s update: the works on the main road North of Fairlie have been completed by AMEY. Took longer than announced because issues have been found more than once during works, mostly drainage issues (which had however already been mentioned by IM in person, in the past). Next phase in Feb, Haylie Brae to the Marina approx). Issues re the drainage on that stretch have been mentioned
AH reminds that still is a hole at the side of the road where the works have just been completed
IM confirms that it has been noted and that it should be looked into when the lines will be painted

1 Coastal Path
Works have started between Bay Str and the North end of Ferry Row. Ms Claire Fitzsimmons is likely the person in charge
MoP asks why are they starting now, when the tides are at their highest
Likely answer is a wish to start before the new financial year


2 Rigghill Wind Turbines
There is nothing new to say on this, we are waiting for NAC Planning Committee to discuss the issue. The Roads Committee have stated that there should be no issues for the transportation via road of the components of the turbines through West Kilbride and Fairlie; there may be some issues in Largs once the convoy will leave the main road.
IM asked Chair of Planning for permission to address the Committee on behalf of the constituents as an elected NAC Cllr; he was suggested to ask Fairlie or Skelmorlie CCs to share with him part of the 10 min allotted to each. IM points out that this seems to him unfair, and will make a case about it at the next full NAC meeting.
DT the Planning Committee sure won’t meet before next year; have the recommendations already been made public?
IM they have not.

3 Hunterston SSG

The meeting took place last week; nothing new, various strategies are being discussed.
DT We are safe from receiving waste from other sites as long as Hunt. B is working, but we can’t be sure on this after it stops operating
The Hunt. site mgr mentioned being open to discussion on this regard with PeelPorts, but registered a strong opposition from the local communities
IM asked the SSG if videos of the meetings can be made public; he was answered they can’t due to Data Protection rules
RH the minutes are however very detailed, so people can know exactly what was discussed. People can ask to join the meeting if they like
EDF have been clearing some land; they will make the public know what will be put there.
Defueling starts in early 2022; after 2/3 years, decommissioning will commence.
EDF will be consulting on future Planning Apps for treatment, packaging and storing of radioactive waste

4 Peel Ports

Shrubbery and sea buckthorn have been removed, from nearly 5 hectares of land adjacent to (but not part of) SSSI, it being reclaimed land. An explanation for this has been asked for, it hasn’t been received yet. Part of this land is where the positioning of a solar farm had been proposed by the late Mr. Ronald Gilchrist.
Mr. Hugh MacLean has sent a query re the proposed Synchronous Compensator unit (mentioned in planning docs) to TNEI, asking for further info. Also, the site proposed for it is at the South end of the coal stockyard, so if any seawater cooling is required pipes will have to cross the SSSI. No answer yet, Hugh will keep FCC posted.
DT will ask NA Cllr Tom Marshall, Chair of the NA Planning Committee, what he can say on this topic
Peel mentioned a “green project” and said it is a plant to burn waste for energy (“gasification plant”); it would have no chimneys. They stated that they are aware of two such plants, one in South Africa and one in Hamburg (Germany); RH: the latter is extremely big in size. It is likely to be built at the South end of the stock yard. A Planning App may be coming, and then we’ll be able to better understand what it would entail

5 Dawn Homes
No news
IM the gullies have been cleaned where the flooding has been an issue for years, the issue was not solved. It has been reported more than once. The drains are so deeply choked by the silt from the hill that the area keeps flooding. It must be repaired permanently.

6 SEPA survey of habits during COVID

The consultation is nearly finished (via letters). The report will say what habits have changed.

7 Clyde Muirshiel Regional Park Authority

It is being disbanded; NA, Inverclyde and W Renfrewshire will take care of the infrastructure on their territory but there will be no overseeing. A meeting will be held on Fri 11th Dec
MoP asks to check if privates will be able to apply (through Planning) to build on former park areas
DT it should be retaining Reg. Park status, only w/o any central management
The responsibility will lay with the local authorities

8 Wild Oysters Project Update
David Nairn, who was to give an update on this, is not present; he will be asked to circulate a note#


  1. When will the next CC elections take place?
    IM suspended until further notice
  2. Semple Ctr
    IH when FCC were using it regularly, FCC were giving a donation; when FCC restart using it, maybe consider the possibility of a fixed payment
  3. Police will be asked to send a report before the next FCC meeting
  4. IM there have been noise complaints because of the ships docked at Peel
    AH new power cabinets seem to have been set up along the jetty
    FCC to get clarifications re frequency of ships and to try to prevent/reduce at a minimum noise pollution

+ motion to move the next FCC meeting from 04/01/2021 to 11/01/2021, carried.

The next FCC meeting is on Monday 11th of January 2021  at 07:30 pm by Zoom (link for MoPs will be provided on request; MoPs present at this meeting and those who have already expressed their interest will receive it)