FCC Minutes 01/03/2021

Fairlie Community Council – Monday 01/03/2021, h. 07:30pm, Zoom meeting

Attending: FCC: Rita Holmes (Chair); Marco Piva (minutes taker); Alan Holden; David Nairn; David Telford; Ian Hunter NAC: Cllr. Tom Marshall, Cllr. Alan Hill, Cllr. Ian Murdoch Police: PC Helen Coyle Press: Calum Corral (Largs & Millport News) 6 MoP Apologies: Karla Tully (FCC); Alex Gallagher (NA Councillor) Approval of February minutes: proposed by DT, seconded by AHo

Police report: 01/02/2021 – 28/02/2021: 37 reports of which 4 crimes: 3 vandalism, 1 road traffic (last year, 26 reports of which 5 crimes) The Police have been circulating in an unmarked vehicle monitoring instances of vandalism; none was spotted, they will continue doing so. MoP reported, via the 101 system, vandalism at the tennis court about 10 days ago (to be further discussed later, point 4). The Police are looking into it Answering to a question that was asked during the Feb FCC meeting: the road accident that happened at the foot of School Brae around Christmas was not mentioned in the monthly report because no crimes were committed in that instance DT What is the Police’s opinion regarding the future pedestrian crossing? Does it seem to be too close to the street corner? PC HC Not as far as we can say IM raised the same issue last month and was reassured; an independent safety audit is due to take place before it is installed

NA Cllrs’ update The Cllrs will comment on the single agenda items as they are discussed

6. RES 3 Kelburn update (this point of the agenda is brought ahead to facilitate David Boyle of Kelburn Castle, who needs to leave the meeting earlier due to prior commitments) DB Phase 2 of the works is nearly completed; it involves restoration of the roof of the 1700 wing (phase 1 was mostly focussed on the tower). The final costs of Ph. 2 haven’t been confirmed yet. Trustees are not meeting in person due to the current emergency situation, an online meeting will be held soon. All payments going through the trust (in or out) are seen and must be approved by each of the trustees. DT Are the trustees confident that the trust is getting all the money due? DB All the money from the sale of the land went straight to the trust DT Are all the payments due because of RES 3 [see attachment 1] being regularly paid? The profits have increased [see attachment 1], have the payments to the trust equally increased? DB The initial fixed fee has been paid back in 2004; presently trying to arrange a meeting with Dawn. Possibly the uplift will be received once the next phase of houses has been completed? DT Looking at the data [see attachment 1], all adjustments seem to have been made in favour of Dawn and not in favour of community benefit. There may be an explanation, of course, but we’d like to receive one. What quantity surveyors are involved? DB Alan Angus, hired by Kelburn, who is focussing on checking whether all expenses are appropriate; one hired by Dawn/RDK Construction

1. Hunterston SSG Monthly updates are being given via video calls, regularly, both for HuntA and HuntB, on request. HuntA: progress is slow HuntB: R3 and R4 will be switched off no later than the end of March for checking. If EDF’s prediction re. the core cracking is proven wrong, they will not be applying for a 6-month extension. If they are instead restarted, they will be offline and ready for defueling (and, later, decommissioning) not after the 7th of January 2022. The next SSG will take place on Zoom on Thursday the 4th of March. MoPs can apply to attend by emailing jill.m.callander@magnoxsites.com DT As the DEPZ has been shrunk (as discussed during the Feb FCC meeting), there needs to be an offsite plan covering the surrounding areas, as per agreement emanated in 2019 via an Act of Parliament. DT contacted NAC for information on this, was redirected to South Ayrshire Council, who have been preparing such plan. No answer yet. Wondering why the preparation of such document was subcontracted to another Council. The aforementioned Act of Parliament makes it clear that such plans should be available to the public TM NA Cllrs will try to find and share the document

2. A78 IM Roadworks have been completed, including resurfacing and an improvement to drainage (which will be tested only in occasion of the next heavy rain). Last instance of works on A78 is on Gallowgate Str in Largs, then there should be no major works for a while. No updates re. pedestrian crossing.

3. Rigghill industrial wind development No date for the application to go before the Planning Comm TM It’s likely that it will be in March. 160 objections have been filed RH The contributions from the developers have been uploaded on the public website much faster than the contributions by anybody else have TM There have been delays due to the emergency situation, but this discrepancy should not have occurred. Planners are waiting for a written response from SEPA; if it’s received, the proposal will very likely go to Committee by the end of March; if not, there may be a delay

4. Tennis courts MoP (Mairi Wyatt), who lives near tennis courts, reported that the lower tennis court had been vandalised. Incident reported to Police (101). It’s the first occurrence of vandalism to the court. Now the Tennis Club are discussing padlocking the court and the football pitch. AHi Fairlie Community Sports Club has the lease of the courts and of the former putting green. Padlock would remind people that it is not a facility that’s open to the public, that users should be contributing towards its maintenance by joining the Club. The tennis court will likely be padlocked. The Club is discussing an informative leaflet to be distributed in Fairlie.

5. Seawall and slipway at the foot of the Causeway A MoP reported to FCC that the slipway seems to be undermined by tidal action. Mr. Russell McCutcheon of NAC was contacted, Mr. Crowley of NAC visited the site and assessed it as not currently in need of attention. NAC will also need to ascertain ownership of seawall and slipway. NAC have repaired it in the past, but that part of the beach belongs to Largs Yacht Haven

7. PeelPorts update/NAC Memorandum of Understanding/Drillship incident/Noise complaints A full report re. the noise caused by the drillships has been filed; no replies yet IM Vibrations are also noticeable, caused by the engines. Re. the mooring incident, IM asked what NAC are doing; reply was that it occurred offshore, so the investigation is lead by the Coast Guard and Marine Accident Investigation, that will keep NAC up to date. NAC are not actors in the investigation. IM objected that the incident started at the jetty, therefore not at sea. Will NAC support FCC’s request for an independent investigation? DT Marshall Islands (flag state of the drillships) have confirmed that they have started an investigation. UK will not, as the vessels are designed as not operational. PeelPorts have stated that they have started an investigation of their own. IM To be kept in mind that Hunterston was never designated as an open port, created as support for Ravenscraig and later Longannet. DN None of the environmental questions have ever been answered by NAC since the start of the Hunterston debate. Re. didemnum vexillum, working in liaison w the Marine Scotland invasive species team; samples will be collected. Also looking for media channels to raise public awareness of the issue

8. Clyde Muirshiel Regional Park consultative forum The Clyde Muirshiel Regional Park Consultative Forum has been closed down; NAC had already withdrawn. Renfrewshire and Inverclyde have also recently withdrawn. Each Council will look after its own assets in the Park, and Friends of the CMRP will continue to meet regularly. NA, Renfr and Invercl Cllrs have promised they will attend. Application to build new dams on Greeto; Largs CC are working on this.

9. Water quality and main sewage pipe DN Water is not balneable for 3 days after heavy rains, which overcome and overflow the sewer system. Maybe main sewer pipe (under beach) is leaking? Will ask Scottish Water to have this checked. Concern as more people are wild swimming; hopefully, they are aware of pollution in case of heavy rainfall

10. Coastal path Appears to be well built. Stretch N of Ferry Row not complete but close to completion. Builders are liaising with owners of properties overlooking the path. Steps to the beach will be built following down from the steps N of Ferry Row and in other spots to be defined.

Any Other Business + Karla Tully is (re)joining FCC as a full member. Proposed by RH, seconded by DN + Some trees, including 8 old growth beech trees were felled by NAC, notification given only after. AHo 8 beech trees, 2 scots pines along Southannan Estate. They were felled in order to access railway for emergency maintenance due to the landslide IM Trees were cut by ScotRail. NAC were asked after the fact + Trees have also been cut around the crags (which will be covered by netting) AHi NAC had opposed building in front of crags, overruled by reporter+ The tree at Hunterston roundabout, the one that used to be covered in baubles, has also disappeared. Anyone knows why? + In order to visit Hunterston lagoon (bird sanctuary) it’s necessary to be a RSPB member and to apply in advance + The footbridge over the burn past Fairlie Castle, on Fairlie Glen, is damaged due to decay of one of the railway sleepers with which it has been built, and others show signs of decay. It was originally built by Southannan, and it’s on the border between Kelburn Estate and Southannan Estate. It is used regularly. Who is in charge of its maintenance? RH Either Rosie, who works for Montgomery Est, or DB will have the right contact. MoP (Sam Courtney) who raised the question will contact DB

The next FCC meeting is on Monday 5 th of April 2021 (Easter Monday) at 07:30 pm by Zoom (link for MoPs will be provided on request; MoPs present at this meeting and those who have already expressed their interest will receive it)