Fairlie Community Council is a statutory consultee with regard to Planning. It is one of five Community Councils in the North Coast and Cumbraes LocaIity of North Ayrshire Council Local Authority area. It is the most local tier of elected representation and plays an important role in local democracy.

As well as helping inform the community on planning proposals and consulting with the community on issues which might affect the community, Fairlie Community Council is expected to act in the best interests of the community with no show of political bias or self interest.

All local authorities in Scotland encourage citizens to become  active participants of their Community Councils.

You can find more information on community councils on the Scottish Community Councils website.

 Fairlie Community Council:

Fairlie Community Council has representation on the Hunterston Power Stations` Site Stakeholder Group as well as the Peelports Community Liaison Group,  and the NAC North Coast and Cumbraes Locality Partnership.

Fairlie Community Councillors are:

Rita Holmes (Chair),  Ian Hunter,  Marco Piva,  David Telford,  David Nairn and  Alan Holden.