A78 – New pedestrian crossings survey

A78: Safe crossings and slower traffic

Following the survey we did early this year, we are meeting with a member of the NAC Participation and Empowerment Team to discuss what support is available for a public campaign to influence Transport Scotland.  Transerv are also visiting Fairlie in May to walk the A78 and review the four potential safe crossing sites.  (Near the church/garage, the railway station, top of Jetty road and the 30-mph island.)

The 30-mph zone will be moving south to the road bridge by the end of the year!!

If you are interested in getting involved in our campaign for a safer A78 through Fairlie, drop us a message!!! 🙂

Calling all Fairlie Parents

Dear Fairlie Parent,

Are you worried about the safety of members of your family, especially your children, who cross the A78 Main Road, with you or on their own?

Over the last 4 years or more, Fairlie Community Council (FCC) have raised concerns about the risks Fairlie folk take crossing the A78, and Transport Scotland and Transerv have finally agreed to consider whether more safe crossing(s) should be created.

To make sure we have the best arguments, so our village gets additional crossings, (these could be islands, pedestrian crossing or traffic lights), we are asking residents to fill out a simple survey on our Fairlie Community Council website. We ask you to spend a few minutes telling us about your family’s needs, by the 17th December 2017, so we can make Fairlie a safer place to live.

You can access our survey at www.fairliecommunitycouncil.org/road-safety

Thanking you in advance

Fairlie Community Council

A78 Trunk Road Issues

The A78 is a the main ‘arterial’ road that runs along the length and through the heart of Fairlie village. The Community Council is actively engaged  in promoting road safety on the A78 and other issues:

  • Traffic speed
  • Pedestrian access
  • Traffic lights
  • Road width
  • Traffic islands
  • Parking
  • Road surface & potholes
  • Flooding
  • Lighting
  • Signage
  • Overhanging trees

A78 Traffic Calming Measure update – 05/09/2017

Dear Neil,

Following recent communications with you I am disappointed that I have still not received a response to many of the issues raised.

I again had to report to the Community Council yesterday that you are ‘in discussion with Development Planning’ regarding replacing a safety road island, where primary school children need to cross a busy trunk road to attend the local school. This matter has also been raised with our local NAC Councillor Ian Murdoch who is of the impression something may be done ‘in the near future’.

You indicated that you were prepared to attend a Community Council meeting in September or October , so I now hope you or a suitable representative can attend the 2nd October 2017 meeting. The September and October dates were given to you in July, when you stated that you would look to attend one of them.

The key remaining questions for our village are:

When and where is a safety island going to be constructed to replace the one removed over one year ago?
What is going to be put in place to ensure that drivers slow down in our village as the traffic lights trial is clearly unsuccessful? The statistics actually demonstrate that the mean speed of traffic at 5 of the 12 sensor points is above 30 mph.
What are the details of ‘Additional vehicle activated speed Indicator signs will be introduced at strategic locations within the town to encourage compliance with the speed limit. These are included in the programme for construction this financial year’, which you stated in your 2nd August 2017 e mail?
What measures are going to be put in place, to slow down traffic, at the southern and northern ‘gateways’ of the village, where you stated traffic speed has increased?
Why can’t pedestrian activated traffic light crossings be installed anywhere else on the A78 within the 30 mph length?
Why can’t the 30 mph limit be extended to the roundabout at the south side of the village? Planning permission has been given for 8 additional homes, alongside the 10 homes which already have to join the A78 just outside the 30 mph section?
Why the only commitment fulfilled, of the ‘new right turning lane on the A78 trunk road at the junction with the housing development’ benefits the housing developers and through traffic more than the residents of Fairlie?
Why the culvert positioned under the A78 by the new housing development junction, that regularly floods the A78, and is Transport Scotland responsibility alongside other agencies, has not been prioritised for improvement by Transport Scotland?
What is Transport Scotland going to do to demonstrate that the real concerns of Fairlie residents regarding the safety and excessive speed of traffic travelling along the A78, within the boundaries of our village are taken seriously?
I look forward to your reply, confirmation of your attendance at our next meeting, and am also available to discuss these questions with you.


Karla Tully
Secretary, FCC

A78 traffic calming feedback – Transport Scotland

Response from:

Neil Lang CEng MCIHT
Area Manager South West
Network Maintenance
Trunk Road and Bus Operations
Transport Scotland

Fed back to FCC on 09/01/2017.
Subject: Re: Fairlie A78

The main queries and concerns regarding the eefictoveness of traffic calming measures are:

  1.  Effectiveness of the traffic lights and traffic calming measures. The new traffic lights and vehicle activated signs have been successful at most locations. The speed activated signals are working effectively in that they are activating on detection of speeding vehicles. However the average speeds have marginally increased at the north and south gateways which is disappointing. This will require further investigation to determine which additional measures will alleviate this trend.

– how has speed been reduced along the length of Fairlie’s A78 road since the speed activated lights were installed? Evidence has shown that overall the schemes have had a positive impact on vehicle speeds with a negligible increase in red light running at the traffic signals. There have been no accidents at the junction since the scheme was introduced.

–  traffic light jumps or speeding – can camera data be captured to lead to prosecutions? Villagers are surprised the camera activation doesn’t inform Police etc. There has been a negligible (0.0389% of vehicles) increase in red light running at the traffic signals from stud detection and video analysis. At this time the data gathered in relation to the traffic signals and red light runners does not record details of the individual vehicles and therefore cannot be used for prosecution purposes. The operation of the traffic signal and data gathered has been by the use of intelligent stud technology which does not identify vehicles. At this time there are no plans to introduce red light running cameras at this location.

– time, volume, speed analysis at the various points of the A78 previously used; are traffic speeds sufficiently lower across the whole 30 mph A78 stretch? A recently produced report into the effectiveness of the scheme contains detailed information captured along the route. As previously stated, on the whole, vehicle speeds have reduced.

– options for slowing down traffic as it enters and leaves the village at both north and south sides on A78. Recent results into the effectiveness of the scheme indicate that investigation will be required to seek further measures to deter vehicle speed at the north and south sides of the village.

  1.  Housing Developments under construction

– Dawn Homes development for approximately 120 new homes loacted next to BP garage (app 112 main Street) on A78 ; what traffic calming/management measures should be put in place at the A78 intersection.  This junction is very near the primary school near where roads opposite intersect the A78.   This area of the road already becomes congested at peak times.

I have spoken to our Development control colleagues and they provided me with an overall site plan. The design plan includes recommendations for a new right turning lane on the A78 trunk road at the junction with the housing development. The inclusion of a right turning lane is standard design practise with a development of this size, to minimise traffic congestion by removing queuing traffic on the trunk road and also maintaining a level of safety for right turning vehicles. I am back in the office on Monday 9th January if you have any further queries about the development.

Further questions for Neil will be discussed at the next FCC on the 6th February 2017.