FCC Agenda – 11/01/21

Amended Fairlie Community Council Agenda 11.1.21

Welcome and Apologies

Approval of December 2020 Minute

1 Police report (If DM not there another PC will attend and update DM)

2 A78 (Update from KarlaT re proposed pedestrian crossing)

3 NA Councillors` updates

4 Synchronous Compensator (Update from Alan Holden)

5 Peel Ports (Clydeport Operational Ltd) Application re variation of Planning Condition 4 re N/17/01273/PP (“the Permission”)

6 Hunterston SSG update re HNA and HNB (RH)

7 Hunterston Parc/Jetty update/ noise

8 Dawn Homes

9 The Coastal Cyclepath

The next FCC meeting (zoom) is Monday 1st February 2021.

FCC Agenda 04/02/19

Fairlie Community Council Agenda 4/2/19

Welcome and Apologies
Approval of January minute
Police report
NA Councillors` Report
(1) Hunterston SSG update (A and B stations + SEPA`s new Nuclear Sectoral Plan)
(2) Fairlie Castle ( re Mr McNeur`s letter to MSP)
(3) A78 (re recent spate of accidents inc y`day`s 31st Jan)
(4) Hunterston/ Peel Ports decomm of oil rigs
(5) Dawn Homes
(6) Westernlink
(7) Crematorium access road (hazard)
(8) Fairlie Community Trust meeting (5/2/19) Semple Centre
(9) Appointment of new secretary FCC.
AOB. Next CC meeting Monday March 4th at 7:30pm in Semple Centre.